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When collaboration is seamless and secure – That's Work Inspired

When collaboration is seamless and secure – That's Work Inspired

Citizens and legal professionals alike are demanding a more consistent experience from state and local municipalities and courts to support case efficiency. But without a secure way to collaborate, a cohesive experience will be difficult to achieve. NetDocuments delivers straightforward collaborative tools for state and local governments and their courts, with a document management system (DMS) that supports secure document sharing, real-time conversations, and more.

Maximize Productivity

Easily locate and share previous work products to initiate new projects or simply avoid re-inventing the wheel.

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Stay Secure & Compliant

Protect your data with modern encryption and security controls, in addition to advanced compliance and governance tools.

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Communicate & Coordinate

Increase communication and keep projects on track with secure, real-time messaging and collaboration, customizable task boards, document annotations, and more.

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Collaborate Seamlessly

Keep your documents inside the safety of your DMS whether you’re sharing files with elected officials, nonprofit organizations, judges, peers, and more.

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Improve Adoption

Maximize taxpayer dollars and prove your careful stewardship of funds with insight into system performance and user behavior.

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Search Less, Serve More

State and local government professionals like you are constantly stretched thin trying to meet increasing citizen and other stakeholder requests.

NetDocuments removes the barriers to your productivity by making it easy to create, edit, organize, search, and deliver documents. Spend less time fighting technology battles and more time doing your best work.

Maximize Productivity with ORGANIZE
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Keep Files Secure Without Impacting Effort

The varied needs of each community require detailed collaborative efforts for a cohesive citizen experience. But protecting your sensitive information while sharing it between important groups is easier said than done.

NetDocuments’ industry-leading security features make it easier than ever to stay compliant while sharing documents. Advanced tools like Data Loss Prevention and Workspace Security Manager give you the confidence that your government’s data is always secure, so you can collaborate freely and focus on citizen’s needs.

Defend Your Data with PROTECT

Stay Ahead of Community Needs

Local imperatives are evolving at a rapid pace and it is critical that your team have instant access to the latest developments. That’s where secure, real-time messaging makes it easy to share new information with everyone quickly, while project boards keep your team in sync on important tasks—helping you concentrate less on administration and more on driving or supporting strategic initiatives.

Stay in Sync with PLAN
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Coordinate, Communicate, Collaborate

Securely sharing documents within your team is easy enough; but, when you need to share and review documents with vendors, peers, or other entities it can be a challenge.

NetDocuments’ CollabSpaces and SetBuilder are designed for the complex nature of creating comprehensive and sensitive documentation in a protected environment, including collaborating with individuals outside of your agency.

Collaborate Seamlessly with DELIVER

Prove Your Ethical Stewardship

You want to prove you’re utilizing funds with integrity, but if you don’t have a clear understanding of how your own processes are performing, how can you?

Analytics by NetDocuments arms you with information around team performance and platform usage. With this information you can embrace innovation and modernize your processes to support a more cohesive experience for employees and citizens alike.

Analyze & Adapt with LEARN
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See why 3,220+ enterprise customers worldwide trust NetDocuments to keep their most sensitive documents organized, safe, and secure.

See why 3,400+ enterprise customers worldwide trust NetDocuments to keep their most sensitive documents organized, safe, and secure.

See why 3,500+ customers worldwide trust NetDocuments to keep their most sensitive documents organized, safe, and secure.


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