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Your customers want a seamless, worry-free experience. But with numerous client touchpoints, a variety of technology systems, and stilted communication, it’s hard to meet those expectations. What you need is tech that’s smart enough to stay out of your way, integrate with the tools you already use, and enable easy collaboration with colleagues and clients alike. Modern document and email management empowers accountancy firms to create bigger, better wins with clients.

Maximize Productivity

Streamline your digital workspace and get the most from your tech when you unite applications, documents, files, and communications into a single platform.

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Prevent Data Breaches

Protect your data on every side with tools that make it easy to control access and stop insider attacks.

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Stay In Sync

Customise workflows, chat in real-time, and keep lock-step on client projects across your organization.

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Collaborate Digitally

Give your clients the digital experience they demand while keeping content safe, organised, and accessible.

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Analyse & Adapt

Gain new insights into user behaviors and platform performance in order to enhance training and workflows.

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A Single, Integrated Source of Truth

The modern workplace isn’t just an office — it’s the software platforms you live in every day. But if those tools don’t talk to each other, if they’re complicating workflows and creating confusion, they’re hurting your productivity.

That’s why it’s so important to streamline your digital workspace. With modern document and email management, you can unite all the documents, files, and communications associated with a client or project in a single, highly-secure platform that provides all the tools you need to remain productive and meet your ethical and regulatory compliance requirements.

Maximize Productivity with ORGANIZE
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Block Unauthorized Eyes

You should never have to choose between compliance and your team’s productivity—or security and your sanity. But jumpingWhen it comes to protecting your data, threats don’t just come from outside your organisation. Malicious insiders, and even simple human error, can put your data (and your clients’) at risk. hurdles to protect confidential information while trying to support business initiatives can make it feel like tug-of-war.

Strengthen your security posture with advanced tools like Data Loss Prevention and Workspace Security Manager to control user access and actions, so you can protect your content from data breaches, exfiltration, and unauthorised use.

Prevent Data Breaches with PROTECT

Coordinate & Communicate

Fluid communication is key for effective work. But delayed responses, buried emails, dispersed teams, and expired chat history make it hard to stay connected and find the answers you need.

The right tools help your teams stay in sync, no matter where they are. With communication and collaboration solutions like real-time messaging, ChatLink for Microsoft Teams, customized workflows, and Margin Notes, your team can work fluidly together.

Stay In Sync with PLAN
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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Client expectations are higher than ever. Not only do they want you to do great work, they expect speedy service and an excellent customer experience. If you can deliver on that, you’ll have all the “stickiness” you can handle.

When you need a way to connect and collaborate with clients and maintain a personal touch, CollabSpaces allows you to share documents through a branded portal. The best part: Your files never have to leave NetDocuments, so they inherit all the controls and security you’ve already set up — which means you can deliver an exceptional customer experience without compromise.

Collaborate Digitally with DELIVER

Better Data, Better Outcomes

You’re always looking for ways to work more effectively, increase billable time, and deliver better client service. But it’s hard to improve processes when you don’t have a clear view of what’s going on.

By unlocking insights into how your team works and engages with documents, you can better understand how to improve your processes. And the more you improve, the better you can serve your customers.

Analyze & Adapt with LEARN
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