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Empower Your Team to Create Bigger Wins with Advanced Document Management

Your lawyers are among your greatest assets, but if they’re being held back by outmoded and onerous technology or mundane administrative tasks, you’re missing the full value of your investment. Lawyers empowered by modern document management can be more productive, deliver better client service, and create bigger wins for your organization.

Maximize Productivity

Automate tedious administrative tasks and enable your team to have a complete focus on strategic initiatives.

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Defend Your Data

Protect your documents from internal and external threats without breaking a sweat.

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Stay Connected

Ramp production and increase knowledge sharing with powerful communication and collaboration tools.

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Streamline Governance

Maintain a single source of truth for documents no matter who you’re sharing them with secure extranets.

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Unlock Insights

Gain key insights into user, workspace, and platform usage to feed innovation and shape business outcomes.

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Trust Your Technology

Choose a document management provider with a track record of reliability so you never miss a beat.

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More Productive, More Profitable

You want your team to perform their best. But if they’re constantly maneuvering around technological roadblocks and adding time and effort to workflows, you need better tools at your disposal.

Give your team the power they need to optimize their dig-ital workspace and do their best work with advanced document and email management. Secure anywhere access, task automation, and faster research capabilities help your team spend less time on low-value work so they can focus, innovate, and deliver better outcomes.

Maximize Productivity with ORGANIZE
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Lower Risk, Increase Confidence

Company data is increasingly at-risk from external and internal threats, and with new hazards cropping up every day it’s no wonder your legal and network security teams are feeling the pressure to keep every detail in check.

That is, unless you’ve got document and email management with built-in security and compliance. Data Loss Prevention and Workspace Security Manager make it simple to apply broad access rules. With confidence in your data's security, your teams are free to turn their focus to your business’s most impactful work.

Defend Your Data with PROTECT

Communicate, Integrate, Collaborate

Communication is crucial to effective work. But too many teams encounter delays, hurdles, and bottlenecks in their attempts to collaborate and communicate with colleagues. In teams where people (and technology) fail to communicate fluidly, it's extremely difficult to deliver great results in a timely manner.

However, the right technology can help your team communicate and collaborate with less friction. With tools like project boards, real-time messaging, ChatLink for Microsoft Teams, and document markup, your team and your tech can work together better.

Stay Connected with PLAN
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Ensuring Confidential Stays Confidential

Protecting your organization’s files and data is a hassle—especially when team members are sharing and reviewing documents with clients, customers, outside counsel, and other internal and external groups.

By providing a secure, collaborative workspace for your team to easily organize, compile, and distribute documents inside and outside your organization, you can em-power productivity without compromising on security.

Streamline Governance with DELIVER

Better Data, Better Outcomes

There’s little doubt that brilliant lawyers are self-reliant, perfectionistic, diligent, and competitive—but these attributes can quickly lead to burnout preventing your business from getting the best in legal services.

That’s why tech should do more than bring physical documents into the digital realm. It should make work (and work-life balance) easier.

By giving you clear visibility into how your legal team works with document analytics, and unifying information storage systems with NetKnowledge, you can leverage data to help your lawyers work more efficiently, freeing up their time and focus to do truly great work and deliver excellent client services.

Unlock Insights with LEARN
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Rely on the Industry-Leading Cloud Provider

Legal work is done via documents, so where they live matters. A document management platform is so much more than file storage: it is embedded in your team’s day-to-day work and is central to your risk exposure. Choosing a provider you can trust is crucial.

Our true cloud document and email management platform provides firms and organizations around the world with advanced, always up-to-date security. They know they can rely on us, which is why 98% of them stick around.

Trust Your Technology with One Cloud

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