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Unleash Your Expertise with Modern Document and Email Management

As in-house counsel, you manage a wide variety of tasks on a day-to-day basis and staying on top of an increasing workload can be an enormous challenge. But with modern technology that’s designed to streamline legal work, it’s easier to find what you need, stay organized,communicate and collaborate with others, and unlock insights — without ever compromising on security or compliance.

Maximize Efficiency

Leverage a powerful search engine and intuitive organization to find what you need, when you need it.

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Stay Secure and Compliant

Make compliance a seamless part of your everyday workflow.

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Take Control of To-Dos

Organize your assignments, get the answers you need, and stay in sync with your entire team.

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Collaborate Seamlessly

Securely share content with internal and external stakeholders without impacting your document organization.

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Deliver More Wins

Learn how you and your most effective colleagues work to improve efficiency and productivity across the team.

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Do More of Your Best Work

Even with one “client,” in-house lawyers are stretched thin. Between responding to a variety of business requests and facing relentless pressure to do more with less, organization and efficiency are vital.

Our powerful document and email management platform can help you find what you need quickly, easily leverage previous work, and automate administrative tasks. By optimizing your digital workspace and creating a single source of truth for all your files, NetDocuments helps you focus on making an impact.

Maximize Efficiency with ORGANIZE
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No Sacrifices, No Compromises

Too often, in-house counsel gets stuck playing the naysayer or the last line of defense for risk protection. If others in your organization treat “legal” or “compliance,” like dirty words, it’s time to take the reins — not just for your sanity, but for the sake of doing great work.

Security and compliance should be woven throughout the tools you use, so they’re not becoming roadblocks for your organization. That’s why we offer award-winning security, Data Loss Protection, and Workspace Security Manager. With compliance and security ensured from the start, you can confidently keep your focus on corporate initiatives.

Stay Secure and Compliant with PROTECT

Work That Flows

Managing requests from across business units,coordinating with outside counsel, and protecting the organization’s interests— no matter how you slice it, in-house counsel is swamped. But sifting through to-dos and waiting on answers just makes it worse.

That’s why streamlining communication and task management are so critical. With tools like Tasks and ndThread, you can optimize your workflow and stay insync with team members more easily. Then you can spend less time wrangling your responsibilities and more time making an impact.

Take Control of To-Dos with PLAN
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Coordinate, Communicate, Collaborate

Collaboration is always challenging, but especially when your co-collaborators are dispersed across remote work situations, different teams or locations, or outside your organization. But with the right tools, you can simplify collaboration without compromising security.

NetDocuments makes it easy to share and review documents securely — no matter who you’re working with. CollabSpaces and SetBuilder were designed for the complexities of legalwork, so you can work better together.

Collaborate Seamlessly with DELIVER

Build Better Business Relationships

With legal savvy, firsthand business knowledge, and big picture awareness, in-house counsel have a lot to bring to the table. But creating the big wins the C-suite wants is easier said than done.

That’s why actionable insights are so valuable— and that’s what you can get with Analytics. By helping you see how you and your most effective colleagues work, you can be more productive and drive inspired work across your organization.

Gain User Insights with LEARN
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See why over 4,000 law firms, corporations, and governmental entities around the world

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“We wanted a best of breed, highly customizable system that could support our user base of approximately 2,500 employees. NetDocuments ticked the right boxes interms of our overall needs, in particular security, collaboration, mobility and compliance and have a solid, proven multi-tenant platform solution.”

- John Hunter, CIO, Council of Europe

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