When Productivity Stops Playing Hard to Get - That's Work InspiredTM

As a legal operations professional, you’re responsible for maximizing your whole team’s productivity, making it crucial to have tech that makes your (and your team’s) life easier. From eliminating productivity speed bumps to reducing resource waste to streamlining processes and collaboration, the right tools will help you expand your impact and play a more strategic role in your team and the organization – a complete win-win.

Maximize Efficiency

Give your legal team the tools they need to keep work organized and accessible no matter where they are.

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Stay Secure & Compliant

Make managing document access and preventing risky actions simple with the right tools.

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Streamline Communication

Share expertise across the team in an instant and keep everyone in lock-step on projects with innovative collaboration software.

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Coordinate & Collaborate

Maintain a single source of truth for documents whether shared internally or externally with secure extranets.

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Enlarge Your Impact

Leverage user, workspace, and platform insights to maximize efficiency across the entire team.

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Let Your Lawyers Be Lawyers

You want your team to be as effective and efficient as possible. But if your tech is complicating workflows and taking up valuable time (and effort), you need better tools in your arsenal—tools that can improve efficiency, support the quality and consistency of work, and increase your team’s speed of execution.

A powerful document management platform streamlines and simplifies the process of creating, saving, organizing, and versioning documents, so your team can spend less time chasing down files and more time making an impact. Email management makes it easy (and even automatic) to classify, file, govern, and retrieve email messages.

Maximize Efficiency with ORGANIZE
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Security Battles Got You Down?

You should never have to choose between compliance and productivity—or security and your sanity. But jumping through hoops to protect confidential information while trying to increase efficiency can make it feel like a tug-of-war.

That’s a battle where no one wins.

That is, unless you’ve got document and email management with award-winning security, Data Loss Prevention, and customized ethical walls working in the background. With confidence in your data’s security, you’re free to focus on your most important work and help your team accomplish theirs.

Stay Secure and Compliant with PROTECT

Save Time, Save Budget

Relying on outside counsel is smart when you need an-other’s expertise. It’s not so great when you’re outsourcing work that’s totally within the wheelhouse of your in-house team. But if your team is swamped, you don’t always have a choice.

Fortunately, you can reduce operational waste and help free up your team’s time by leveraging tools like real-time messaging, Tasks, and Smartview. With more time for high-value work, you can curb the need for outside counsel and keep more projects in-house—and even small changes can make a big difference for your budget.

Streamline Communication with PLAN
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Work Together Better

Whether working with outside counsel or across the or-ganization, it can be a challenge to share and review doc-uments and information securely and effectively. The right tech doesn’t just make it possible to collaborate, it makes it easy.

With a platform that’s designed for the complex nature of legal work—including tools like CollabSpaces and Set-Builder—you can work fluidly together on a single plat-form while maintaining access and action controls. Not only will you reduce risk, your internal and external teams will be able to work more effectively.

Coordinate and Collaborate with DELIVER

Ops Leaders are Driving Change

As a legal operations leader, you’re forging the future and bringing business discipline to the legal profession. Whether you’re supporting a corporate legal team or a law firm, you need to create wins and drive a higher level of operational excellence.

The legal field may not be known for its flexibility, but the right tools—like document analytics and NetKnowledge—empower ops leaders to help their teams embrace innovation and modernize their workflows.

With deeper, more actionable insights into your documents and how your team engages with them, you’ll have the information you need to drive inspired work across your organization.

Shape Business Outcomes with LEARN
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See why over 4,000 law firms, corporations, and governmental entities around the world

"We are seeing more firms getting hit with data breaches than ever before. We also have to be mindful of compliance and the large fines imposed for non-compliance. No firm wants a compliance or data breach that could have been avoided.”

- Ann Cant, IT Director, Travers Smith

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