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“We chose NetDocuments as it is a really intuitive system that integrates with our way of working and provides a great user experience."

– Conni Falkner, COO of NJORD
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Carbert Waite LLP case study discussing their move to NetDocuments.
"That mobility piece, the ability to work remotely, not tied to a remote server — that has been a big improvement for our remote work.”

Dylan Snowdon, Partner, Carbert Waite LLP
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“We required a cloud-based document management solution that would support our journey to becoming a more flexible and resilient law firm that’s well-positioned to provide
secure client services wherever and whenever they are needed.”

– Toh Kok Seng, Senior Partner, Lee & Lee
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Graphic for the FM Financial case study for the Public sector space.
"If security protocols weren’t high enough, a provider didn’t get a second call with was really important to us that we partner with a provider that takes security as seriously as we do."

Richard Morton, Strategic Initiatives Analyst, FM Financial
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“NetDocuments allows us to regularly review what’s still outstanding and make sure compliance and governance concerns are dealt with as soon as they come. I can log in and see where we are in the various matters and take any necessary action. It’s extremely beneficial for me running the firm.”

- Nina Stewart, Founding Partner, Astraea Group
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Astraea Group graphic for case study.
Graphic for Case Study of Ice Miller
"We needed to create a new environment that consolidated all of our email and documents together and gave us an easier interface to not only store our documents, but also to find them."

- Steve Johnson, Director of IT Applications, Ice Miller
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"Because of the pandemic, I didn't get much training on NetDocuments. But because it's so simple, it was really easy to pick up and use."

- Abbie Thomas, Paralegal, Walker Morris
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Walker Morris graphic for case study
Graphic for Case Study of Ellisons Solicitors
"We needed to furnish our people with the ability to work anywhere and to work efficiently and that’s what NetDocuments offers."

- John Turner, Chief Operating Officer, Ellisons Solicitors
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"It’s clear that NetDocuments has the provisions in place to make sure our data is safeguarded and always going to be there when we need it."

- Nick Doughty, IT Director, Magrath Sheldrick
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A group of people in business attire sit at a desk and look at papers
Graphic for Case Study of BWMS
"Just how easy it was to administer and use NetDocuments really jumped out for us in making the decision."

- Anthony Moore, Director of IT - Burke, Warren, MacKay & Serritella
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"That flexibility of working within the cloud environment — anywhere, any time and on any device — was key for us."

- Warrick McLean, CEO, Coleman Greig
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A woman and man in suits sit at a desk talking business.
Graphic for Case Study of Ploum.
"Nothing is as fabulous as NetDocuments for finding something when I do not have a clue where I need to look for it."

- Ploum
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"We believe in a single platform, as organizations deserve best-in-class software that works seamlessly with their existing technology stack. NetDocuments delivers innovation you can depend on."

- David Orchard, Administrative Manager/Director of Client Services- Kutak Rock
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A man sits at a desk looking at the camera with his office in the background.
Council of Europe Case Study Graphic
"Having a central DMS to store documents means that we will be able adopt common working methods and best practice."

- John Hunter, CIO, Council of Europe
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"Everyone talks about the search function, and it’s so fast. We haven’t noticed any latency at all, which was one of our concerns about going to a cloud-based system. And I haven’t noticed that at all."

- Craig Thompson, Partner and Head of Corporate - Forsters
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Forsters Case Study Graphic
Leading Biotech Case Study Graphic
"NetDocuments has taken us into the modern world where our legal department can really shine."

- Sr. Corporate Counsel for Contracts, Leading Biotech Corporation
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"[NetDocuments is] anything but stagnant and looks to practicing lawyers on how to continually improve and dial-in the service."

- Jay Selanders, Chair, Kutak Rock
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Kutak Rock Case Study Graphic
Large Public University Case Study Graphic
"[ndThread] is solving pain points we didn’t even realize we had."

- Associate Director of Legal Operations at a Large Public University
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"We just couldn’t match the level of security that NetDocuments was proposing."

- Curt Montague, Director of Technology Services, Sheppard Mullin
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Sheppard Mullin Case Study Graphic
legalmatters Case Study Graphic
"If you ask anybody in our firm about going back to our old DMS I don’t think there would be any takers."

- Martin Langan, Chairman & Innovation Director, legalmatters
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"Backing up documents and managing the indexing was a huge burden. With NetDocuments, we wouldn’t have to worry about this anymore."

- Becky Jones, Director of Applications, Miles & Stockbridge
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Miles & Stockbridge Case Study Graphic
Husch Blackwell Case Study Graphic
"The product was easier to launch and to get up-to-speed on from our user community’s perspective than we could have even hoped for."

- Bret Chapman, Chief Administration Officer, Husch Blackwell
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"Everybody loves NetDocuments. We would not be able to live without it."

- Barrila Law
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Barrila Law Case Study Graphic
Claro & Cia Case Study Graphic
"Though not foreseen at the time, the decision was very opportune in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has enabled us to transition through the crisis in better shape, closer to clients in spite of distance, and with professional connectivity seamlessly in place."

- José María Eyzaguirre B. Chairman, Claro & Cia.
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"We now have the ability to share documents through secure links which not only reduces email traffic but gives us and our clients peace of mind knowing what we share is 100% secure."

- Saffery Champness
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Saffery Champness Case Study Graphic
Kutak Rock Case Study Graphic
"The mobility of NetDocuments was a night and day difference [to other vendors], allowing us to access content remotely from anywhere, with any device."

- Ken Kroeger CIO, Kutak Rock
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"All in all, our NetDocuments Go Live was a great success and a smooth transition! The NetDocuments implementation team did a fantastic job."

- Sherri Thom, Stewart McKelvey
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Stewart McKelvey Case Study Graphic
SLJ Case Study Graphic
"NetDocuments brings great change and improvement for document management. NetDocuments has been the best technology decision I have made as MD."

- Daniel Jimenez Garcia, SLJ
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"At the end of the day we are a word and document factory so the speed of the solution is key for the users, every second you can save adds to the bottom line."

- Francesc Muñoz, CIO, Cuatrecasas
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Cuatrecasas Case Study Graphic
Ploum Case Study Graphic
"Cloud and software as a service just makes sense to me. I don’t worry about server administration, maintenance and energy consumption. The capital investment is nominal, but we can scale as business need dictates."

- Ewa Krysmann, Ploum
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"I think even the legal sector is over worried about the cloud. Firms know things can be better. Clients do want to understand how you do things though – so having software with the highestranking standards helps with that."

- Henry Humphreys, Managing Partner, Humphreys Law
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Humphreys Law Case Study Graphic
Keystone Law Case Study Graphic
"We needed a device synchronisation and collaboration solution that would allow for offline access across devices, ensuring that content remains secure, compliant and in sync with the firm’s central repository. ndSync offered by NetDocuments delivered on all fronts and is included in the cloud-based DMS platform."

- Maurice Tunney, IT Director at Keystone Law
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