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Law firms and legal teams of all sizes around the world are choosing NetDocuments for better productivity, automation, collaboration, and workflow gains.

Technology segment collaborates with NetDocuments to support legal departments with content management and automation workflow challenges.

23+ voices weigh in on industry insights impacting legal professionals – and what they can do to harness the power of these trends.

Secure cloud platform supports UK law firm’s IT modernization journey.

Customer-first approach and vision for the future of legal work create synergies in forward-looking acquisition

Value of interoperability reflected in customers’ integration use cases resulting in greater automation and enhanced workflows

New product empowers legal professionals to replicate and automate their unique templates and processes, resulting in faster, higher-value client service

First-time recognition attributed to laser-focus on practical innovation and commitment to customer success

La firma de abogados aprovecha la seguridad de la nube para el acceso eficiente al contenido y la colaboración a través de la plataforma de confianza N.º 1 para profesionales del derecho.

Firm leverages secure cloud for efficient content access and collaboration through the #1 trusted cloud platform for legal professionals