Build Ethical Walls with Workspace Security Manager

Included in the PROTECT solution

Allow authorized users to create, edit, and apply security policies to content in their NetDocuments workspaces. This makes it easy to build ethical walls around specific content and maintain granular need-to-know security environments.

Manage Security and Governance

Create and manage security policies for all of your NetDocuments workspaces.

Workspace Security Manager (WSM) is an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to manage security in NetDocuments workspaces, simplifying the most challenging governance requirements.

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Protect Sensitive Data Within the Organization

Allow key staff members to set up inclusionary or exclusionary walls around workspaces that can’t be altered or removed by users or regular profile-based rules.

With WSM, you can create and apply security policies to workspaces by adding users and groups, assigning the appropriate access rights to them, and adding additional controls as needed. Controls are powerful yet simple ways to set additional security elements like ethical walls or need-to-know security policies.

Inform External Parties of Compliance

Generate detailed reports that show clients, regulatory agencies, and groups making legal inquiries who has rights to specific workspaces and what controls have been set.

With WSM, users can see at-a-glance the security applied to the Workspace and all its contents from within the workspace. WSM Policy Managers will be able to generate reports for all workspaces.

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Share Content Without Sacrificing Governance

Support need-to-know security scenarios and enable document sharing through CollabSpaces.

Use CollabSpaces internally to establish need-to-know security policies to share only must-have information needed for users to work, avoiding the need to expose all content in a workspace. As a result, you ensure access to matters by authorized users only, without relying solely on ethical walls for security.

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"Our firm strategy has always been the virtual office. From a document management perspective, NetDocuments has always been a part of that strategy. As a result, our firm’s transition to work-from-home has been seamless. We have over 850 people working remotely and the NetDocuments platform has allowed us to continue to work in a collaborative fashion between ourselves and our firm’s clients without missing a beat."

- Senior Manager, Information Governance and Technology Service Management, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

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