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"We required a cloud-based document management solution that would support our journey to becoming a more flexible and resilient law firm that’s well-positioned to provide secure client services wherever and whenever they are needed."

Toh Kok Seng, Senior Partner, Lee & Lee

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"[ndThread] is solving pain points we didn’t even realize we had."

Associate Director of Legal Operations at a Large Public University

"The ability to invite our clients into a secure workspace on NetDocuments and work collaboratively on a document is huge step forward."

Warrick McLean, CEO, Coleman Greig

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A man on the phone sits at a desk smiling while typing on his laptop.

"NetDocuments has taken us into the modern world where our legal department can really shine."

Sr. Corporate Counsel for Contracts, Leading Biotech Corporation

"[NetDocuments is] anything but stagnant and look to practicing lawyers on how to continually improve and dial-in the service."

Jay Selanders, Chair, Kutak Rock

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"It was a big mountain to climb, but it worked out and the results are worth it!"

Wallace Saunders, Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers LLP

"The power and simplicity of a single global instance of NetDocuments software, seamlessly upgraded and made available to all our offices and users, truly elevates the level of services, data protection, and productivity tools we provide to our attorneys and our clients."

Bob Craig, CIO, Baker Hostetler

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"We believe in a single platform, as organizations deserve best-in-class software that works seamlessly with their existing technology stack. NetDocuments delivers innovation you can depend on."

David Orchard, Administrative Manager/Director of Client Services- Kutak Rock

“We are seeing more firms getting hit with data breaches than ever before. We also have to be mindful of compliance and the large fines imposed for non-compliance. No firm wants a compliance or data breach that could have been avoided.”

Ann Cant, IT Director, Travers Smith

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"Overall, it was an excellent experience working with NetDocuments. This software has many features available in which integrating with Salesforce and Drawloop apps are one of the key features. The folder view, file managing is brilliantly handled. The support is very helpful and supportive."

Santoosh Bajjuri, The Law Offices of Hilda Sibrian

"The integration between Microsoft and NetDocuments cloud technologies helps make secure document management seamless to our joint users."

Rob Howard, Director of Office 365, Microsoft

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"Better Features, Better UI. We needed a document management solution a couple of years ago that would allow us to find old, editable text documents in multiple ways, since our legacy practice management software made it impossible to find documents unless you already knew which file they were in. The key NetDocuments feature is in-document text search. We can now search for documents using a key phrase in the document itself, rather than needing a title or tags. If you have a good title and tags, documents are that much easier to find."

Michael Lusk, Travis Law Office

"Powerful and reliable legal-centric document and email management tool. Powerful, cloud-based document management system helps our firm effectively store, create and categorize our documents and email. Collaboration tools allow us to easily share individual documents or even entire folders securely with our clients and experts."

David Michael, Broad and Cassel

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“NetDocuments is the key to success for every business… now more than ever!”

Nancy Griffing, 35★45 Consulting-Global

"Luckily for us, NetDocuments has been working as expected. And we were given the proper resources to outfit our entire firm with new equipment that allowed us to turn the firm into a WFH dream, all the while answering the questions on HIPAA, PII, and other security considerations.Even if our building was to burnt down today, we wouldn’t miss a beat, which is great from a DPR and BC point of view."

Andrew Meinheit, IT Manager, Wagstaff & Cartmell

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A man on the phone sits at a desk smiling while typing on his laptop.

"Disregard of all the madness of COVID-19, I think this is actually an effective way for our users to realize the value of NetDocuments, able access their documents from anywhere without having to worry about accessing the Share-drive."

Tin Le, Manager, Financial and Information Systems, BBAM

"Thanks to our adoption of NetDocuments as we modernized our operations, the transition to remote work has been seamless for the attorneys and staff of Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch, P.C. Their document management platform makes it easy to locate documents quickly, collaborate with colleagues, and securely share work with clients no matter where our teams are or what is happening in the world. Overall, the NetDocuments platform has enabled our teams to continue work just as we would in the office —helping us protect our clients from any disruption in the delivery of our services."

Nina Ren, Associate Attorney, Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch P.C.

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"Our firm strategy has always been the virtual office. From a document management perspective, NetDocuments has always been a part of that strategy. As a result, our firm’s transition to work-from-home has been seamless. We have over 850 people working remotely and the NetDocuments platform has allowed us to continue to work in a collaborative fashion between ourselves and our firm’s clients without missing a beat."

Senior Manager, Information Governance and Technology Service Management, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

"In light of the circumstances with COVID-19 we closed our physical office, but remain in operation.  All of our staff is working from home, and we are able to save files, collaborate with clients, and create documents seamlessly because of NetDocuments.  A big part of our success in working from home and having a competitive edge, even in this time, is NetDocuments.  We are even keeping ourselves better organized and still sending out record books with SetBuilder."

Gaetano Barrila, Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public, Barrila Law

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"When we subscribed to NetDocuments at the end of 2019, no one could have imagined the chaos that we are experiencing today. Fortunately, we completed the deployment in the beginning of March, about 2 weeks before the quarantine was enacted. NetDocuments has been instrumental in the success of our work from home policy as we have all documents stored in the cloud, organized, and easily accessible by our employees. It's like having the home office."

Thiago Simões, Partner, Simões Advogado

"We made the move to NetDocuments about 6 months before the coronavirus pandemic, and we are so thankful we did! With NetDocuments, our attorneys can work remotely just as easily as in the office.  During the rushed transition to get everyone up and running from their homes, we didn’t need to do any additional setup or make any adjustments with regard to NetDocuments.  It was already fully functional for everyone, regardless of where they logged in from.  Had we not moved from our old document management system to NetDocuments, our firm would have faced a nightmare. We would have had a significant period of business interruption while we configured and implemented a way for everyone to access our client’s files. With NetDocuments, we experienced absolutely no lag in productivity."

Kathy J. Hamilton, Director, The Blum Firm, P.C.

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"Our firm was utilizing iManage for many years. With the anticipated cost of upgrading, we researched various options and found NetDocuments to be the most user-friendly and value-oriented. The package we built for our firm includes all integration modules giving attorneys and staff the ability to file documents via email, within the Microsoft office suite and from the web interface.NetDocuments also provided "back text search scanning" for all our existing documents so the search functionality is far superior to what we had in iManage. We also have the AI email filing feature which consistently gets kudos from our attorneys and staff as a time saver. We will be deploying Office 365 in coming weeks which will allow secure document retrieval and editing in the cloud which will reduce traffic on the firm’s terminal servers and offer an additional workflow option from any computer.During this work from home period, users are consistently working more efficiently, and we receive positive feedback for migrating to NetDocuments.While the migration from iManage to NetDocuments was a very large project over several months, with a 3rd party working with our IT consultant, we had a very good experience and outcome."

Sheri M. Stone, Administrator, Aronberg Goldgehn

"NetDocuments is very easy to access from wherever you are, no matter what device you’re using. Additionally, the platform’s ability to share links and collaborate on documents has been extremely useful."

"There’s no point in reinventing the wheel. Using the advanced search in NetDocuments has enabled our teams to quickly locate past matter content for re-use—significantly decreasing the time they spend on new work and increasing overall accuracy for our clients."

Anand C. Mathew, Partner, Palmersheim & Mathew LLP

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"Intuitive by nature. We made our final decision to replace our current document management system at 5:00pm New Year’s Eve 2019, and with that decision, we also determined we would have full migration, implementation and training by April 1, 2020.

We have an outstanding third-party vendor for our IT services and the implementation was pretty flawless, considering that smack in the middle of the migration and implementation, we (IT and the firm) went into remote access mode. We (our IT partner and I) made a 4 hour training video: "NetDocuments the Movie," and released it and job aids to the employee team and received to two thumbs up.

Were we forced to pivot and turn a little? Yes. Was it difficult not to have hands on training? Yes. Are people happy with the tool? Absolutely! So, to come full circle, if NetDocuments were not as intuitive and user friendly as it is, implementation and user adoption could have been an epic fail.

Thanks to Ele-ment and to NetDocuments!"

Janet L. Bender, Firm Administrator, Maser Law

NetDocuments allows me to work from anywhere!

RoxAnn Ward, Keller Rohrback LLP

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“When we had to relocate to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were so pleased to know that security was a non-issue because of NetDocuments' native-cloud capabilities.”

Charles Collins, Ward and Smith, P.A.

“My favorite thing about NetDocuments is consistency of use in or out of the office.”

David Roden, Director of Technology & Operations, Goodell, Devries, & Dann LLP

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a man in an office sits and types on a computer.

“During COVID-19, the best feature in NetDocuments is remote connectivity with no change to security."

Ken Kroeger, Kutak Rock, LLP

“I love that NetDocuments is cloud-based - I'm not worried about servers that are in a location I can't travel to! We had numerous servers tied into our previous DMS. I can’t imagine trying to manage all of them right now (during COVID-19).”

Paula Semeyn, Dickinson Wright PLLC

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“Our previous DMS was on-premises and was limited in how our attorneys could connect. With NetDocuments being cloud-based, our users can work from anywhere on nearly any device.”

Robert Sawyer, IT Director, McDonald Carano, LLP

"I wanted to let you know how much the firm has benefitted from utilizing NetDocuments as its document database/repository. Most of the firm’s employees were with a large national employment and labor firm that employed NetDocuments as its document repository/database. Being familiar with the robust features offered and the cloud-based platform, it was a no brainer [us] to decide to include NetDocuments in the firm’s group of software tools.

In the 5 years we have been in business, we have all continued to use and learn NetDocuments better. Our new employees who have never been exposed to the tool also pick it up very quickly and seamlessly. In addition to the outstanding security protocols in place within NetDocuments, which in fact exceeded the security requirements of one of our main contracts with a school district, using NetDocuments for our document repository during these unprecedented times of COVID-19 enabled all firm employees to transition to a telecommute/work-from-home environment without a single issue – no delay, no transitioning from a server platform to a cloud-based platform – nothing and that saved us valuable time and certainly allowed us to continue to serve our clients efficiently and effectively. I tell everyone NetDocuments is the way to go!"

Karen M. Chenowth, Office Administrator, Pierce Coleman

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