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Cloud Email Management: What is it and how Office Add-ins are changing the game.

October 28, 2019

Why email management?

According to the Harvard Business Review, the average professional spends 28% of their workday reading and sending email. Some of our customers, especially our legal customers, reported their employees used to spend even more time managing email (before adopting ndMail, of course). To make matters worse, full or badly managed inboxes cause professionals to waste additional time in reading and re-reading business emails as their backlog builds up. It’s been reported that lack of appropriately managing your email inbox, leaving it full and disorganized, wastes an additional 27 minutes a day or over 2 hours a week. Nobody has time for that, which is why email management is a big deal.

What is email management software?

Email management software, such as ndMail, provides a systematic way for organizations and their employees to manage, retain, and store high volumes of email messages while maximizing email efficiency practices and allowing for easy access and search in the future.  

What is ndMail?

The ndMail email solution add-on is built on the industry leading NetDocuments cloud platform, and as such, is fully cloud architected and allows organizations and their employees to store emails based on the matter or project.

Ease of use and meeting users where they work is part of what makes email management successful, which is why ndMail has always been integrated with Microsoft Outlook desktop, including Office 365 subscription versions. The original email services integration, using the COM/VSTO add-in model, allowed users of Outlook desktop for Windows to intelligently save, file, and manage email accounts using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate cloud-based filing predictions.

Now, NetDocuments is excited to announce that we’ve expanded our apps integrations with the release of ndMail for Office 365 which utilizes the Office Add-in platform and brings additional access and ease of use to more ndMail users across more Outlook interfaces.

What do Office Add-ins bring to ndMail?

Office Add-ins bring a lot of great functionality to the ndMail for Office 365 Add-in, such as:

  • Anywhere predictive email archiving and filing: Leveraging true AI, ndMail recommends the best filing locations when you’re working at your desk (including on a Mac!), on your mobile device, or in a browser.

  • Benefits of cloud: Don’t settle for client/device-based filing that bogs down your software and device. ndMail for Office 365 Add-in is the next iteration of cloud email services and builds on NetDocuments’ 20-year track record of leading the market in cloud computing technology. Using Microsoft’s Office Add-in platform, there is no on-premises email software to install or run.

  • Ease of use: Improving email system compliance and following organizational policies to maintain a complete matter or project file just got easier. With a simple, user-friendly design managing email inboxes and maintaining a complete matter or project file is simple.

Learn more about the Office Add-in Platform.

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