NetDocuments Introduces New Way to Work with Microsoft Teams

Dan Hauck
May 4, 2020

Today NetDocuments launched ChatLink, an integration that links Microsoft Teams to NetDocuments. With ChatLink, Teams users now connect channels with NetDocuments workspaces and secure threads.

As many professionals around the world are working from home, real-time messaging applications like Teams have seen tremendous growth. Yet without proper integration to key business solutions like NetDocuments, information governance strategies can become fractured as critical business documents are spread across multiple systems.

NetDocuments Teams ChatLink solves this challenge by making it easy to bring NetDocuments into the Teams experience. Administrators can manually or programmatically associate a channel with an existing NetDocuments matter or project, making documents available in a tab within the channel. Likewise, an embedded view of associated chats in ndThread, allowing for multiple conversations to happen within a matter while securing them to the matter file.

“The challenges caused by COVID-19 have accelerated the move toward new productivity approaches, and tools like Teams and ndThread are in demand,” said Dan Hauck, Chief Product Officer at NetDocuments. “Based on our feedback from customers, we accelerated our development of ChatLink, and this solution can be delivered quickly to customers on our platform without the need for scheduled upgrades or downtime.”

Many NetDocuments customers have reported a seamless transition to a work-from-home setup and credit the company’s proven cloud technology. “We’ve been able to stay as productive and engaged with clients as we were working in the office,” said Gene D’Versa, Director of Project Management with Husch Blackwell LLP. Regarding ChatLink, D’Versa continued, “NetDocuments’ ChatLink supplies the crucial link to our collaboration and integrated workspace initiative, which can now be delivered inside Teams.”

NetDocuments customers interested in trying ChatLink can contact NetDocuments to learn more.

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