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The Benefits of the Cloud

The NetDocuments Team
Jul 28, 2020

Cloud or On-premises DMS?

On-premises software has been the norm among law firms and corporations for decades, but times are changing for the better.

Cloud technology has been growing in popularity—but more importantly, in power. With more robust features, security, and flexibility, cloud software has unique benefits to offer law firms and legal teams.

The Cloud is in High Demand

To put it simply, on-premises software is on its way out, while the tide of cloud tech is well on its way in. As younger, tech-savvy lawyers climb the ranks, cloud software is in demand. Per the ILTA 2019 Technology Survey, “cloud technology will be a driving factor in the legal technology profession.”1

According to the American Bar Association, anytime/anywhere access, low cost of entry, predictable monthly expenses, and robust security are key factors in the choice to move to the cloud.2 But that’s not all.

The Perfect Pair: Security and Flexibility

The cloud offers greater security than firms can typically provide on their own and supports flexible work due to the nature of the technology.

Cloud providers are more agile, which means they have the ability to fix bugs, add new features, and improve security rapidly—and push those improvements automatically to users. In practical terms, this means less platform downtime for lawyers to work around and less strain on IT resources in order to maintain a secure, up-to-date environment.

Cloud software also allows lawyers more flexibility, whether they’re working remotely from their home office or from their phone on the way to the courtroom. This flexibility can provide a better work-life balance for lawyers while enabling them to increase billable hours.

In short, with a cloud-based DMS like NetDocuments, you’ll get:

  • Increased security minus the strain on IT
  • Anytime, anywhere case management
  • Improved collaboration with clients and colleagues
  • A reliable, centralized, efficient system

The truth is, when it comes to your firm’s critical systems like payroll, email, and document management, the cloud can provide a better user experience, superior security, and more reliability than traditional on-premise offerings. In fact, ILTA’s 2019 Technology Survey demonstrated that most of these systems have already been moved to the cloud, with 31% of law firms planning to migrate to a cloud-based DMS in the next year. That’s why the cloud is here to stay. You can learn more about these benefits in our guide, Why Are Law Firms Moving to the Cloud?

Let NetDocuments Eliminate Your Roadblocks

You know the cloud is powerful and has particular benefits for law firms and legal teams. But you’re not ready to jump on the bandwagon yet.

We get it—roadblocks are a natural part of the process. Whether it’s cost, concerns about security or reliability, or needed functionality, moving to the cloud is easier said than done. That’s why we’ve done our best to eliminate many of the commonly perceived roadblocks. Here’s how:

If you’re concerned about cost… There are no hidden equipment or maintenance fees. With NetDocuments, you only pay your cost per user. It’s that simple.

If you’re concerned about security… We are constantly monitoring new security threats, and we continually update our platform’s security architecture to protect your data.

If you’re concerned about performance or reliability… NetDocuments delivers an average 99.99% uptime, which means your team can stay productive no matter where they are. You can view our current uptime from our real-time trust site.

If you’re concerned about getting the best DMS experience… NetDocuments is the preferred SaaS cloud provider for law firms, and we have 98% customer retention because they know they can count on us.

To learn more about the benefits of moving to a cloud-based DMS like NetDocuments, download our guide, Why Are Law Firms Moving to the Cloud?. Or request a demo today.