How to Create and Run a Paperless Law Office in 2020

It’s no secret that attorneys love paper. It’s also no secret that paper requires extra time to file, store, and search for items that digital documents don’t.

Governance and Information Security Has Never Looked So Good: KMWorld 2019 Readers’ Choice Winner

Six months ago KMWorld announced their inaugural Readers’ Choice award. Thousands of votes later and the results are in: NetDocuments was crowned winner

Get Ready for Elevate 2019 EMEA

Taking place on Wednesday the 6th November at London’s iconic County Hall, London. We’re looking forward to welcoming delegates from the movers and shakers to the forward thinkers from all across E...

Microsoft Office 365 Integrations: The competitive difference between COM/VSTO Add-ins and Office Add-ins

Not all Microsoft Office 365 integrations are created equal and there's a huge experience difference between COM/VSTO and Office Add-ins. Find out more now.

How to Streamline the Closing Process for Mergers & Acquisitions

At many law firms, closing out transactions, including mergers & acquisitions, isn’t a pillar of efficiency. That isn’t to say a firm can’t be known for their ability to properly manage transaction...

Don't Fall Victim to this Cybersecurity Myth

The nature of cybersecurity is that you can never relax. The moment you think you’ve covered all potential vulnerabilities, a multitude of new threats emerge. Cybersecurity is broad, fast-moving a...

Cloud Email Management: What is it and how Office Add-ins are changing the game.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the average professional spends 28% of their workday reading and sending email. Some of our customers, especially our legal customers, reported their emplo...

How Can NetDocuments Help You Maintain Compliance?

Compliance as a Service, or CaaS, is crucial to the NetDocuments security platform. Customers using our service inherit each of our security and compliance measures, giving them access to some of t...

What is Compliance as a Service (CaaS)?

CaaS, or “Compliance as Service,” also known as inheritance, is a service provided by some data-housing companies that enables the simple storage of data in accordance with current governance, secu...

Continuing the Platinum Standard: Elevate 2019

“You’ve known NetDocuments as the place where you manage documents. But it’s so much more than that. NetDocuments is where you do work.”