NetDocuments: The Trusted Cloud Document Management System for Legal Professionals

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NetDocuments is the leading cloud document management software (DMS) that provides a reliable and secure way to store, find, share, automate, and collaborate on documents — from anywhere, using any device — so you can stay focused on clients and outcomes.

Manage, Share, and Collaborate in One Centralized Location

Streamline and simplify the process of safely creating, editing, saving, and versioning all of the documents that power your employees and organization.

In NetDocuments you can easily create, view, edit, and share documents on any desktop or mobile device without having to worry that your data is at risk. We also provide advanced, built-in tools and safeguards — like ndThread and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) — to help you collaborate on complex documents with both internal and external stakeholders.

And with our advanced versioning feature, you can avoid confusion with external stakeholders when reviewing and editing documents. With NetDocuments advanced version control, you can create major versions of documents for external review (e.g. v1, v2, v3, etc.), and leverage minor versions of the document (e.g. v1.1, v1.2, v1.3, etc.) when small adjustments are being made across multiple users for seamless internal collaboration.

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Access Anything, Anywhere, Any time

Gain secure anytime, anywhere access to all of your stored documents and emails from any device.

Work on your documents from home or on-the-go with the same experience you get in the office using the NetDocuments document management web interface, Android and iOS mobile applications, or the NetDocuments ndSync feature.

Workspaces Designed for You

Access workspaces — built around matters and projects — that support and enable your existing legal workflows.

Share files internally and externally from one system while maintaining all the rules, governance, and retention policies needed to ensure adherence to policy.

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Search Efficiently

Take advantage of advanced search capabilities that leverage custom metadata to make documents easier to locate and use.

NetDocuments houses a powerful enterprise search engine that enables users to quickly reference or retrieve content as required. Time previously spent trying to locate relevant content can now be utilized for perfecting the overall client experience.

And with Dynamic Attributes, you will relieve the monotony of categorizing metadata of hundreds — if not thousands — of documents by only showing relevant metadata fields to the user, reducing the need to scroll through endless forms to fill in a handful of fields while simultaneously enhancing your document management system’s search capabilities. In practice, this means even the most granular data is simple and painless to add.

Create Customized, Error-Free Documents at Scale

Embed document assembly directly into your DMS.

Go beyond “find and replace” with custom automations that populate user inputs into your Word and PDF documents and automatically save those documents in the folder or workspace of your choosing — all in a matter of seconds. Using your expertise, data, and logic rules, PatternBuilder can automatically generate entire packages of documents with the click of a button.

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Secure Your Data Seamlessly

Use award-winning access controls to create security groups and apply granular access rights to those groups.

Simplify your IT operations and rest easy knowing that your data is backed up, secured, and properly regulated with the NetDocuments platform’s state-of-the-art security infrastructure and comprehensive governance protocols.

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Integrate with Software You Already Use

Add advanced document management capabilities to the productivity tools and applications you already know and trust.

You already live in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel each and every day. Using NetDocuments should be just as simple, seamless, and routine. This is why NetDocuments meets you where you work by integrating with key Microsoft and Adobe applications you already access and live in daily.

In addition to not interrupting your workflow and habits, you’ll still get leading security and governance of a true-cloud, best-in-class document management system with military-grade encryption.

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"The power and simplicity of a single global instance of NetDocuments software, seamlessly upgraded and made available to all our offices and users, truly elevates the level of services, data protection, and productivity tools we provide to our attorneys and our clients."

Bob Craig, CIO, Baker Hostetler

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