ndThread Secure Real-time Messaging

Included in the PLAN solution

Gain the advantages of a chat messaging tool that’s designed to meet the unique requirements of legal organizations. ndThread provides a secure, governable, and convenient way to chat, share, and comment on files with one colleague or with a larger group.

Protect Sensitive Information and Discussions

Keep documents and conversations safe and compliant using your existing matter structure with a chat solution that meets all of your security, governance, and reporting needs.

Send secure direct messages using ndThread to keep all ideas and commentary around projects in a single, real-time repository organized by Workspace.

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Streamline Conversation Filing

End the confusion and inbox overload that come from conducting group conversations over email and eliminate the filing requirements that often accompany email discussions.

Sharing information and collaborating on documents has never been so simple. ndThread encourages collaboration by allowing annotations and discussion around the document simultaneously.

You can also store conversations within the matter, reducing 'randomized discussions' to instead keep conversations part of an official record, all within context.

Accelerate Digital Collaboration

Get fast, real-time responses to important issues and questions.

Using ndThread, teams can highlight and annotate virtually any document stored in the NetDocuments platform to quickly share thoughts, call out concerns, or provide feedback without ever needing to check out and edit the core document.

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Organize Group Conversations by Matter

Keep group conversations organized, relevant, and easily accessible, rather than buried and forgotten in an endless email chain.

Organize topical conversations and document collaboration into a single, secure repository for your team to easily access and stay up-to-date on project status.

Collaborate Effortlessly in Real-time

Bring new participants up-to-speed quickly by adding them to existing discussions on specific topics.

With ndThread, there's no need to read through long email threads. Rather than CC'ing additional colleagues, add them to an existing message thread that allows them to quickly jump into the discussion.

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"In light of the circumstances with COVID-19 we closed our physical office, but remain in operation.  All of our staff is working from home, and we are able to save files, collaborate with clients, and create documents seamlessly because of NetDocuments.  A big part of our success in working from home and having a competitive edge, even in this time, is NetDocuments.  We are even keeping ourselves better organized and still sending out record books with SetBuilder."

- Gaetano Barrila, Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public, Barrila Law

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