Blocking the Target: How Legal Professionals Are Keeping Their Most Sensitive Information Safe

Graphic for webinar event hosted by NetDocuments

Law firms and legal teams are prime targets for a security breach, and thanks to working remote, IT experts are saying this is a much bigger issue than what meets the eye.*1

Perhaps one of the scariest things about a breach is that most law firms and in-house legal departments are unaware there’s been a breach in the first place. And, according to a past ABA Tech Survey, the larger the Firm, the more likely they are to ‘not know’ about an incident.

Watch this 40 minute, informative and security-focused webinar where you’ll learn how and why NetDocuments is the leader in providing secure document management solutions for some of the world’s largest law firms and organizations. 

You’ll hear from internal experts, Sam Emery, Product Marketing Manager, Jed Cawthorne, Director, Security & Governance Solutions, and Michael Sanders, Sr. Manager, Solutions Expert Team on what our PROTECT solution is comprised of and why IT and legal professionals trust it to hold their most sensitive and valuable documents and data safe.

1. Why Cybersecurity Has Become a Bigger Problem for Law Firms

Find out the answers to these and other questions as we separate fact from fiction and debunk common cloud myths.

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Graphic for webinar event hosted by NetDocuments
Graphic for webinar event hosted by NetDocuments