When document management is smart enough to stay out of your way.

That’s Work Inspired.

Unleash Your Expertise with Matter-Centric Document Management Software

You’re committed to doing great work—so why let the tools that are supposed to be helping you stand in your way? If you’re stuck with software that causes as many problems as it solves, introduces hurdles you’re too often tempted to work around, or is notoriously unreliable, it’s time to give yourself a break. The tech you rely on should help you do more of your best work without causing extra headaches. With the right tools in your arsenal, you can truly work inspired.

Access Work Anywhere

Squeeze in those extra hours during long commutes and get the work-life balance you crave with access to your work regardless of your location.

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Stay Secure & Compliant

Maintaining document compliance and security is no longer a chore when it’s built into your regular workflow.

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Maximize Efficiency

Save you and your colleagues inboxes with instant-messaging and built-in collaboration tools that keep everyone in sync.

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Collaborate Seamlessly

Give your clients and stakeholders the digital experience they expect while maintaining document organization and consistency with built-in extranets.

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Unlock Insights

Learn from your most effective colleague’s habits and harness them to maximize your own productivity.

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All Your Docs, Wherever You Are

Work doesn’t always happen in the office. Whether you’re working remotely from home, taking advantage of a long commute, or checking in on a project mid-vacation, you need to be able to access critical information without compromising security or struggling with an unreliable VPN connection.

Fortunately, cloud-based document management software brings all of your files into one centralized place that you can easily access wherever you are, from any device, and keeps everything compliant and secure.

Access Work Anywhere with ORGANIZE
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Lower Risk, Lower Blood Pressure

You should never have to choose between compliance and your productivity - or security and your sanity. But when protecting confidential information feels like a million extra steps work can feel like tug-of-war.

That’s a battle where no one wins.

That is, unless you’ve got document and email management with award-winning security, Data Loss Prevention, and Workspace Security Manager all operating in the background of your normal workflow. When you don’t have to think about your document security, you’re free to turn your focus to your organization’s most impactful work.

Stay Secure and Compliant with PROTECT

Do More of Your Best Work

You want to be as effective and efficient as possible. But if you’re stuck sifting through a sea of tasks and waiting on answers, that’s time you can’t spend on higher-value work.

A powerful email and document management platform makes task management and communicating with colleagues a breeze. Tools like Tasks and ndThread stream-line and simplify processes and collaboration, so you can spend less time chasing down information and managing tasks, and more time innovating and making an impact.

Maximize Productivity with PLAN
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Collaboration That Motivates

Your documents are constantly being passed back and forth. Whether you’re communicating with clients or colleagues, it can be a challenge to share and review documents and information securely and effectively.

With a platform that’s designed for the complex nature of legal work - including tools like CollabSpaces and SetBuilder - you can work fluidly together across teams and locations, internal or external.

Collaborate Seamlessly with DELIVER

Better Information, Better Outcomes

Sometimes the very things that make you great at your job - self-reliance, perfectionism, diligence, competitiveness - are the same things that can lead to burnout. That’s why the tech you rely on should help make work (and work-life balance) easier.

By giving you clear insights into how you and your most effective colleagues work, document analytics can help you be more productive. But it also helps free up time and focus so that you can do truly great work and deliver excellent service.

Increase Efficiency with LEARN
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See Why More Than 4,000 Customers Worldwide Choose NetDocuments

"Their document management platform makes it easy to locate documents quickly, collaborate with colleagues, and securely share work with clients no matter where our teams are or what is happening in the world.”

- Nina Ren, Associate Attorney, Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch P.C.