Inspiration from the Trenches: Ploum

Feeling burned by bad document management systems?

So was Willem Leppink, an intellectual property partner at Ploum. But when the firm decided to upgrade their legacy solution to NetDocuments, he found a whole new level of appreciation for what’s possible with modern document management.

See what Willem Leppink has to share after six years on the NetDocuments platform, such as:

  • How NetDocuments enabled Ploum to build a know-how system and achieve real collaboration
  • Why he never has to worry about finding what he needs — even if he has no clue where to look
  • The platform’s robust flexibility that allows them to work wherever and however they want
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NetDocuments Ploum's case study discussing their migration to the NetDocuments #1 Cloud Platform.
Watch the 4 Minute Video Case Study
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