DMS Blog Series, Part 3 of 5: DMS Change Management

Learn common potential roadblocks that occur as you implement a new legal DMS, as well as solutions to help overcome them in part 3 of this series.

DMS Blog Series, Part 2 of 5: Why do you need a DMS?

Learn the benefits of having a fully digitized, organized documents that go beyond obvious reasons. Read part 2 of this blog series here.

DMS Blog Series, Part 1 of 5: What is a DMS?

Legal document management systems used to refer to manila folders and filing cabinets. Now, they are sophisticated, digital solutions that can be cloud-based or found on-premises. Read on to learn...

NetDocuments Women Leaders (Re)warded for Creativity, Innovation and Engagement

Liz Benegas and Claudia Reese are honored by Utah Business magazine's top professionals in the state.

NetDocuments Introduces New Way to Work with Microsoft Teams

Today NetDocuments launched ChatLink, an integration that links Microsoft Teams to NetDocuments. With ChatLink, Teams users now connect channels with NetDocuments workspaces and secure threads.

Protect Your Valuable Data from Insider Threats with DLP

NetDocuments recently released its Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capability for general availability; but what is this feature, exactly? DLP is a risk-based information governance strategy aimed at pr...

Spring Cleaning: How to Improve Organization and Processes with SetBuilder

With Spring just around the corner and the pandemic having us spend much more time in our homes, now is a great time to slow down, prioritize, and get organized – in personal and professional life.

ndMail for Office 365 – The Benefits of a True Cloud Email Management that Works Anywhere Outlook Does

The 2019 ILTA Technology Survey revealed 70% of respondents had moved payroll solutions to the cloud, with another 66% saying they had moved email storage to the cloud.

From Perk to Profit: How Law Firms Can Implement Flexible and Remote Work

As working from home has become the new norm, law firms and businesses alike are trying to maintain the same standards of quality, productivity, and professionalism under drastically different work...

Remote Productivity: Meet Security - How to Support Remote Work for Your Teams in 2020

Remote work is here to stay—and not just because of COVID-19. The “always on” business mentality that prevails in most areas of the world is causing higher employee burnout rates than ever, with De...