Introducing Enterprise Search with NetKnowledge by BA Insight

We are pleased to announce the launch of NetKnowledge powered by BA Insight. This cutting-edge technology ushers in a new era of federated enterprise search at NetDocuments.

DMS Adoption: The Details Are In Your Data Part 2 of 3

Without goals and measurements in place, it’s hard to know if you have hit the mark or need to change course. Collecting and analyzing data can help plot a purposeful path and provide guidance for...

User Adoption: How to Get There, From Here Part 1 of 3

There is a general misconception about user adoption. Some believe that it means people will love whatever the new thing is and fully embrace it with big smiles and joy in their heart. While that w...

What you need to understand about cloud architecture, on-premises systems, and cloud systems

Everyone is talking about the cloud, but what does that mean, really? The cloud can be demystified significantly by understanding a few basic components of cloud architecture. Understanding the str...

DMS Blog Series, Part 5 of 5: The NetDocuments Solution

In this 5-part series, we’ve covered what a document management system (DMS) is (part one), why your firm needs one (part two), potential implementation roadblocks and solutions (part three), as we...

DMS Blog Series, Part 4 of 5: What to Look for When Choosing a DMS, and 11 Questions to Ask

A new document management system is a complex process, and it’s critical to ask the right questions to ensure you’re getting a solution that matches the demo you’ve received, and mitigate any risk...

DMS Blog Series, Part 3 of 5: DMS Change Management

Learn common potential roadblocks that occur as you implement a new legal DMS, as well as solutions to help overcome them in part 3 of this series.

DMS Blog Series, Part 2 of 5: Why do you need a DMS?

Learn the benefits of having a fully digitized, organized documents that go beyond obvious reasons. Read part 2 of this blog series here.

DMS Blog Series, Part 1 of 5: What is a DMS?

Legal document management systems used to refer to manila folders and filing cabinets. Now, they are sophisticated, digital solutions that can be cloud-based or found on-premises. Read on to learn...

NetDocuments Women Leaders (Re)warded for Creativity, Innovation and Engagement

Liz Benegas and Claudia Reese are honored by Utah Business magazine's top professionals in the state.