California Firm Adopts NetDocuments for Business Continuity and Mobility

October 22, 2012
Salt Lake City, UT
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For Hecht Solberg, the limitations and costs associated with iManage, a server-based document management system, no longer made financial sense and the product was not meeting their disaster recovery and mobile needs. "We had to look at it purely from a business perspective as to what would be the best long term solution moving forward," Julie Woods, Systems Administrator, stated. "The current system was piecemeal, in that if you wanted increased search functionality or other features, it meant you had to add those options including an additional server and additional consulting costs," she said.

As a single office practice in California, the firm recognized the inherent risk if a disaster were to affect their building or hardware. "With iManage, there was not built-in business continuity or disaster recovery; we also lacked a mobile solution and access to our content outside of the office," Julie commented. "So after researching options, it became clear that we didn't want another on-premise document management system. We were ready to move to the cloud, which was the best way for us to reach the critical goals of reducing costs, implementing a business continuity plan, and gaining the ability to access content from anywhere and on any device."


The firm invested the time needed to research NetDocuments' security model and compare features and functionality to iManage through a focused pilot group before making the decision to switch. "Once we did our research and really learned what NetDocuments was doing with security and redundancy, it was pretty clear that they were abiding by a high standard for security and compliance; it completely took the fear of the cloud out of the equation." She continued, "When you change your document management system, it can be very unnerving, especially for our power users who work in documents most of the day. Switching the system could potentially cause them to take a hit in productivity. The NetDocuments implementation was very smooth, and users were able to get up and running quickly with very little disruption."

Since the switch from iManage to NetDocuments in 2010, Hecht Solberg has eliminated hardware and consulting costs associated with a server-based system. They have a built-in business continuity plan, as well as mobile access to their content from anywhere, anytime. "Web technology has come so far and I think organizations are to the point now where it just makes sense to leverage technology like NetDocuments for business operations. People are already doing most of their work online– it's the direction businesses of all sizes are turning to solve their technical challenges," Julie concluded.

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