14.3 Release Webinar - July 18 at 12PM Eastern

As a subscription service, NetDocuments continually improves by releasing new features and functionality. Our third release of 2014 is packed with some exciting new things. Join us on July 18 as part of the ILTA product briefing series to see the 14.3 enhancements in action to prepare for the coming release. Session Description: NetDocuments 14.3 release is scheduled for July 24, 2014. Join the ND team as we share what is planned for this release. We invite administrators, trainers, help-desk personnel partners, and any end-user interested in this upcoming release. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Step 5 of 5 in our Series on Tips to Successfully Implement Technology

We've made it to the last step in our five part series on successfully deploying technology across your firm. If you've missed the previous posts, you can find them right here: Step 1: Plan Step 2: Communicate Step 3: Test Step 4: Resource Availability Change can be painful. Whether you're implementing a new technology, or you're switching to a competitive product or service, there will be some degree of a learning curve. You'll have people who resist the change, struggle with the new technology, or outright boycott it. To reduce the chances of change management pitfalls, here are some tips to make sure this last and final step goes off well and your people feel like they're getting the white glove treatment.

Step 4 of our 5 Part Series on Successfully Implementing Technology

This is step four in our five part series on how to successfully deploy a firm-wide technology. If you missed the previous posts you can start from the beginning right HERE. Planning, communication, and testing are all intended to lay the framework for a successful deployment. As the rubber begins to meet the road with the project, it's critical to get a handle on what are the available resources at your disposal for your "go live" technology date.

Part 3 of Our 5 Keys to Successfully Deploy Technology

Continuing in our five part series on how to effectively deploy technology at your firm, we're on to step 3: Test. If you missed the previous posts, you can start from the beginning right HERE. As the project team follows, communicates, and executes the plan, it's critical that ongoing testing takes place to ensure the key components of the overall configuration are interacting as expected. This is especially true with the individual workstation configurations and potential variability across different environments within the firm and applications used outside of the office. The goal of testing is to avoid surprises and preempt sticking points as the project begins to get off the ground.

Continued... Winning the Battle Before it Begins: 5 keys to a successful technology rollout

This is part two of our five part series on how to successfully implement technology at your firm. See the post below for Step 1: Planning. Now that your planning is complete, the scope and ramifications are understood, the team is assembled, and there are clear milestones and reporting directives, it's time to let the rest of the firm know. The firm-wide messaging and medium will set the attitude towards the change as well as the cadence and breadth of user adoption.

Winning the Battle Before it Begins: 5 keys to a successful technology rollout

Technology is part of your overall business strategy, or at least it should be. It's especially important in business decisions when a potential tech change is happening with a mission-critical application like a CRM system or document management platform. Successfully swapping out a technology that is vital to your day to day business requires a detailed plan of action because the execution of implementing a technology will determine the level of user adoption, productivity, how much value you get out of the tech, and how fast you realize that value.

NetDocuments' Response to the Internet Explorer Security News

This post is describing the recent IE issues. Even though it is not specific to NetDocuments, we have had a number of customers ask us about this, so we are providing this information as a resource. An Internet Explorer exploit was discovered last weekend and Microsoft provided a patch yesterday to resolve the issue with IE versions 10 and 11. NetDocuments provides support for several browsers, one of which is Internet Explorer. Because of the issue, users who cannot update to the newer browsers where a patch has been made available by Microsoft, there are some other suggestions that Microsoft has provided as workarounds which are listed below. Of course using another supported browser is also an option for users.

4 Tips to a Healthier Technology Footprint

Staying healthy requires conscious effort, a plan, consistency, and every now and again, a re-evaluation may be needed to be sure you're recalibrating where necessary. Go easy on yourself, nutrition and fitness perfection isn't possible, but progress is. The basic principles for health and wellness can be applied to many areas of life and business. How about the technology health at your firm? Here are a few tips to get back on track and redefine your regimen.

Karen Tindel Joins NetDocuments as the Legal Market Accelerates Adoption of Cloud-Based Document Management

NetDocuments, the leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) content management service provider, announced today that Karen Tindel has joined the company as a Senior Account Manager. Karen joins NetDocuments with more than fourteen years of business development and account management experience in the IT industry with nine of those years in the legal market. Karen's expertise in developing and strengthening relationships with clients will be utilized in her new role at NetDocuments as Senior Account Manager. Her energy and enthusiasm for understanding her clients' unique needs consistently results in well-designed, customized technology solutions and lasting relationships with satisfied customers. Karen's customer focus is evident in the attention devoted to understanding the specific goals of each project and delivering technology solutions specifically targeted to meet those goals.

Training from a Certified Trainer is Money Well Spent

You may not be aware, but NetDocuments has an ecosystem of certified trainers, consultants and technology experts. Our customer firms continually look to these certified partners to get the most value out of the NetDocuments service, and with four updates released per year, new features and functionality are hitting your people's desk on a quarterly basis. Turn to our certified partners and they'll keep you and your team up to speed.