How to Choose the Right Technology for Your Practice

NetDocuments services some of the world's leading law firms, financial institutions and corporations across the globe. We also have a lot of great channel partners, technology partners, consultants, and friends who add value to the technology space. We're going to take a break for this post and turn the stage over to an expert in the financial services industry. Sheryl Rowling CPA/PFS, is also part of the Virtual Solutions for Advisors (VSFA) group, where financial advisors can go for advice and resources on how to make their financial services practice more efficient and profitable.

The Second Movers Are On The Move

Whether it's Gartner, IDC, GigaOm Research, or The Legal IT Professionals Survey, you can be certain that the question is no longer "is the cloud here to stay?" but has become, "where and for what applications should we implement the cloud first?" Witnessing the 60,000+ attendees at's Dreamforce event (where everything is cloud-based) highlighted the contrasting sentiment about cloud adoption that has historically existed between industries. The legal and financial services markets have typically been slower to adopt new technology, due to regulation and highly confidential data, amongst a number of other factors. However, according to recent reports, the winds are shifting and firms in these air-tight industries are learning about the extreme benefits the cloud brings in terms of security, flexibility, business continuity, and mobility – it's these benefits in efficiency and cost savings that are causing a tipping point for legal cloud adoption.

A Power-Packed Team For Your Financial Services Practice

We talk to a lot of financial services firms every day, and one thing that consistently comes up is the pain and difficulty navigating, balancing, connecting, and integrating the technology dots for at an advisor's practice. The must-haves vs. the nice-to-haves often discourages advisors, since most are not technologists and their local IT company they're using to service their computers doesn't really understand the financial services space.

Cooking The Books: Is Anyone Surprised that $10+ Billion Was Too Much for Autonomy?

In 2011, Hewlett-Packard (HP) [HPQ NYSE] acquired Autonomy, the UK-based software company for over $10 billion dollars. After a collective gasp, the tech industry debated how a company like Autonomy could reach that level of valuation, and why HP, who has struggled for years finding its place in the modern software/hardware space, would empty the coffers to make the acquisition. After all, Oracle called Autonomy's former CEO, Mike Lynch, on his bluff, stating the market value of $6 billion at the time was overpriced, and this was before HP plopped down the whopping $10+. After a year of head shaking, we now know how they pulled it off – like so many other big-company-scandals, Autonomy cooked the books.

Scan Paper Documents Directly to NetDocuments

With the NetDocuments 2012 – R2 release on October 25th, NetDocuments upgraded its TWAIN integration and expanded the capabilities to scan from a desktop TWAIN-compatible scanner to any location within NetDocuments using the New>Scanned Image option. The secret sauce here is that NetDocuments calls your specific scanner's software to allow you to customize the settings such as 200 dpi, both sides, etc., determine which file format you want to scan to, e.g. PDF, TIFF, JPEG, etc., and whether to initiate OCR before it gets imported to NetDocuments. Using your local scanner software to OCR the document allows the text within the document to be full-text searchable after being imported to NetDocuments.

Lessons From Hurricane Sandy: Datacenter Location Matters

There have been a lot of great posts about the important questions you should be asking your vendor before doing business with them, and here is another. The cloud space is increasingly crowded and new companies are popping up every day – this makes your job as a business owner, attorney, financial advisor, or IT professional very difficult as you sift through the "cloud washing" and fluff to find the vendors who have appropriately invested in the right security, privacy, compliance, and redundancy measures.

NetDocuments Joins The ABA's Law Practice Management Section as a Premium Solutions Provider

Original Release LEHI, UT (PRWEB) October 26, 2012 NetDocuments cloud-based document & email management service increases participation with the American Bar Association (ABA) Law Practice Management Section (LPM) as a Premium Solutions Provider NetDocuments, a leading online document and email management service provider, announced today it has joined the exclusive group of software vendors providing legal technology tools and solutions to the members of the American Bar Association through LPM's Premium Solutions Provider sponsorship.

Charles Schwab Corp : Schwab Performance Technologies Announces Selection of NetDocuments As Integrated DM

For years NetDocuments has serviced many leading financial services organizations and prominent RIA advisory firms. This has been done through affiliations with LPL, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, and other custodians and broker-dealers. The traction in the financial space has been due in a large part to NetDocuments fulfillment of the SEC 17a and 204 compliance, in addition to Write-once-read-many (WORM) capabilities, Third-Party-Downloader, and of course, bank level security with SSAE-16 certification.

California Firm Adopts NetDocuments for Business Continuity and Mobility

Download Case Study Challenge For Hecht Solberg, the limitations and costs associated with iManage, a server-based document management system, no longer made financial sense and the product was not meeting their disaster recovery and mobile needs. "We had to look at it purely from a business perspective as to what would be the best long term solution moving forward," Julie Woods, Systems Administrator, stated. "The current system was piecemeal, in that if you wanted increased search functionality or other features, it meant you had to add those options including an additional server and additional consulting costs," she said.