Technology Q&A With LTN Editor-in-Chief Monica Bay

I was very excited this week to discuss legal technology trends with one of the industry's most influential thought leaders, Monica Bay. I learned a lot and was fascinated by her knowledge on all topics ranging from cloud computing and social media to who will win the world series (although I hope her world series prediction is false). Q: First off Monica, give me a little background on what you do?

Q&A With the Granddaddy of Document Management Part II

Earlier we posted part I of this two part Q&A with legal technology veteran Tom Lee where we discussed the history and future of document management and he ended byjoking that I was giving him too many difficult questions. So in part II I lightened things up a bit but still managed to slip in some tough questions. Q: OK Tom, a bit of light relief now, what Football Team do you support? Tom: CHELSEA FC - I have been a Chelsea fan since I was eight years old.

Q&A with the Granddaddy of Document Management aka Tom Lee: Part I

This week in our ongoing Q&A series, we are joined by Tom Lee of Quintec International. Quintec is a leading cloud based technology company based in the UK that is aimed primarily at the Legal, Insurance and Finance markets. Q: First off Tom, tell our readers a bit about you and your company? Tom: Great. I have been in I.T. for over 33 years and have witnessed many changes in technology from the early Mainframes to Super- Mini's, Client/Server and now to the Cloud! At Quintec, we provide our clients with business advice, consultancy, software, training and technical support. These services are delivered by an experienced team of consultants, a rapid support team and a plethora of technical guys who never seem to stop working! I wished I had their energy!

Ungaretti & Harris Switches

(PR WEB) Lehi, UT October 11, 2012 NetDocuments, a leading cloud enterprise content management provider, announced the prominent Chicago law firm, Ungaretti & Harris, has switched from Autonomy's iManage Filesite to NetDocuments for their document, email, and content management service for their 225+ users. Since its founding over 30 years ago, Ungaretti & Harris has maintained a focus on servicing clients with a commitment to their success and the community through pro bono programs, sustainability and a Community Outreach Committee. "The switch to NetDocuments improves our technology which will help us increase productivity and collaboration within the firm, as well as allow us to continue to support the firm's goal of providing a top tier service to our clients and offering the latest technology to our people," Charlie Altenbach, Director of Information, stated.

Keep Your Friends Close, and the Cloud Even Closer: New Cloud TCO Calculator

Are you in the cloud? Whether you answered yes or no, the gateway to the secure cloud just became wider and easier to navigate with the help of a new website aptly titled, The website contains a lot of life changing content but the most important feature of the site may be the fully customizable cloud TCO calculator. Intrigued? Let me show you how it works... 1. Calculate Once you step onto the cloud (enter the site) and scroll down to the TCO calculator, all you have to do is enter the total number of employees in your organization, as well as total number of offices, click calculate and let it do its thing.

Is SaaS Right for your Firm? Check Out Our Upcoming Webinar Schedule to Learn More.

This morning in London, NetDocuments CTO Alvin Tedjamulia, along with UK channel partner Quintech International had a very lively and interactive webinar with a number of UK law firms and businesses. If you missed that, you need not worry. We have a slate of upcoming webinars on new cloud computing innovation, as well as our SaaS document management system and some of the new features. Small Law Webinar - October 14th 4:00pm EST

Social Media and New Technology for Lawyers: Q&A with Donna Seyle

Donna Seyle is an attorney and consultant who helps small firms and solo lawyers with innovative law practice strategies. She has established herself as a thought leader in the field and was kind enough to discuss these topics this week for the NetDocuments blog. Q: Thanks for joining me Donna. First off, can you tell me a little bit about what you do? A: My business, Law Practice Strategy, is all about the evolution of the legal profession resulting from technology and the recession. Given the nature of the job market for lawyers, I developed a strategy that enables solos and small boutique firms build successful practices based on the principles of cost-containment and project management, and the integrated use of content marketing, technology and fixed pricing. I work with lawyers, individually and in groups, helping them to develop a proactive mindset, understand the principles of the strategy and use the tools to start or redesign their practice.

CRM Record-Level Integration - Critical to Your Customer Relationship Strategy

There is no question as to the importance a solid CRM application plays in a firm's overall business strategy. But just having the best-of-breed CRM app doesn't mean that you've connected all the dots in the end-to-end customer experience. Having your CRM integrated at the record level with your client-specific data will enhance not only the interactions with your clients, but also aid in predictive up-selling and retention initiatives.

What is a Legal Practice 2.0?

Do your friends call you a "techno nomad" or a "21st century minimalist"? If all you need to run your legal practice is any web enabled device, than you've probably been labeled by one of these terms. You see, in the 90s, the prevailing trend was bigger is better: bigger cars, bigger hamburgers, bigger houses and bigger technology. But with a downturn in the economy, more fuel conscience consumers and the rise cloud computing, consumers and businesses alike are learning how to do more with less, including their technology needs.

UK High School Uses Online Document Management to Collaborate on Projects

The Applied ICT A2-level Project Management class at Haslingden High School, located in Manchester, England, needed a better way to collaborate on projects in order to fulfill a requirement to learn project management techniques and work together from school and from home. Wise Systems and Solutions put them in contact with Matt Duncan of NetDocuments who granted the class a NetDocuments basic account to enable them to complete their project.