Looking Ahead to ILTA 2010

It's that time of year again, kids are getting ready to go back to school, the snow cone stand outside NetDocuments HQ is packed with sales and support staff and the annual ILTA technology conference is about to begin. This year, the ILTA Conference is being held in Las Vegas and will get underway on August 22nd and run until August 26th. We'll be there all week at booth #809/811. The theme for this year is Strategic Unity and should cover a number of relevant topics such as mobility, cloud computing and more.

Cloud Computing is the New Spice

Cloud Computing is the New Spice

Legal Technology in the UK: Q&A With Jason Plant

This week I discussed the current trends in UK legal technology with Jason Plant, who is an IT manager at a large UK law firm and also writes a popular legal technology blog titled No Option for Law Firm!. Q: Thanks for your time and sharing your knowledge with us Jason. First off, what do you see as the most important current trends in legal technology in the UK? A: I posted on my blog what I thought were the top 5 legal technologies in 2010 at the start of the year. I stand by them although I probably would reorder them a little to give the following as the top three.

Q&A With Bill Winterberg on Technology for Financial Advisors

This week I had a good discussion about technology for financial advisors with Bill Winterberg, one of the most technology forward minds in the Financial services market. Before joining the finance world, Bill was a software engineer for Hewlett Packard and this background in technology has allowed him to become a thought leader in the industry. Bill currently writes technology columns for Morningstar Advisor, Advisors4Advisors.com as well as on his own blog called FP Pad. You can also find him doing his thing on Twitter from @BillWinterberg.

Are Cloud Security Worries a Thing of the Past?

Has the world been rid of its cloud computing security concerns? Probably not...but that day is getting closer. According to a few recent studies in a few technology conservative industries, people and businesses are becoming much more comfortable with storing and managing their data in the cloud. Even the most technology risk-averse markets such as health care, finance and government are rapidly adopting, and even advocating, disruptive cloud technologies at an ever increasing rate.

Turn Your PC Into A Global Network: Part II for Financial Services

Part I: SaaS for Lawyers; Part II: SaaS for Financial Advisors; Part III: SaaS for Accountants With SaaS technology, the PC can be made to serve as a global network. Today, in part 2 of a 3 part series, we will discuss how financial advisors and broker dealers can reduce hardware costs, decrease their carbon footprint, increase mobility and enable collaboration with clients while providing SEC and FINRA compliance through cloud computing and SaaS.

Turn Your PC Into A Global Network: Part I for Lawyers

Part I: SaaS for Lawyers; Part II: SaaS for Financial Advisors; Part III: SaaS for Accountants JFK's goal was to send a man to the moon; Bill Gates wanted to put 'information at your fingertips'; and Sun Microsystems claimed that the computer was the network. JFK's dream was realized by Neil Armstrong, Bill Gates's dream has been realized by the iPhone and Blackberry, and Sun Microsystems dream is now truly being realized by anyone with a Facebook, Pandora, or Google account through cloud computing and SaaS.

Quintec International Becomes NetDocuments Channel Partner in the UK for Cloud-Based Document Management Service

OREM, UTAH - June 2nd, 2010. NetDocuments, the leading global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) content management provider, today announced that Quintec International has become a primary UK Business Solutions Partner and Authorised Training Centre. Since its inception, Quintec International has worked with law firms, corporate legal departments, government, insurance and financial institutions providing specialist consultancy in multi-layered collaborative environments, including document and content management systems, and advanced network monitoring, control and security software.

NetDocuments Extends Its Email Management Service with Predictive Profiling and Send & File Capability

OREM, UTAH – June 2, 2010 – NetDocuments, the leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) content management service provider, announced today that the company has extended its existing Email Management Service (EMS) for Microsoft Outlook with an intelligent predictive email filing and tagging/profiling, as well as a send & file feature to prompt users when sending emails. The existing NetDocuments EMS offering has provided users the ability to drag and drop emails to Outlook folders that correspond to existing NetDocuments online client/matter or project-related folders. Emails are stored in NetDocuments as native Microsoft msg files, full-text searchable and accessible anywhere, anytime. Additional features such as the ability to stub email attachments, view and full-text search NetDocuments directly from within Outlook and de-duplication of emails have all been available and continue with NetDocuments EMS.

Virtual Lawyer Moves to the Cloud - Case Study

James Linehan uses NetDocuments to run a cloud based legal practice. James Linehan runs a solo law firm in Oklahoma City. He is a pioneer in legal technology and has been running a virtual paperless firm for over 10 years. With the emergence of cloud technologies, James has eliminated his need for servers and software and now runs his practice from the cloud. Problem Although James Linehan had been running a virtual law firm for 10 years, he wanted to eliminate the stress caused by local servers and file backups, as well as the difficulties he was having in being able to work from anywhere.