NetDocuments Customer Appreciation

As a SaaS company, we understand that rather than providing our customers with a product, we are offering a service. Because of this business model, our customers act more as partners in the business rather than just customers. They do this by interacting with our team and providing feedback and suggestions to improve our service. In appreciation to our "partners," we created two videos expressing our gratitude.

Elevated Content Regarding SaaS Technology

This past week saw a wide variety of news, blogs and videos regarding SaaS content management and cloud computing all over the web. In this blog, we will highlight a few of them. In August, during Ilta '09, A group from ii3 consultants produced live Ilta TV broadcasts of conference events and interviews. They have now posted the recordings of the broadcasts online and made them free to the public. One of the segments was called, "Software as a Service for Law Firms," and featured Tim Hooks of Chester, Willcox & Saxbe, LLP, as well as David Clark of Jones and Waldo. They discussed emerging SaaS technologies, and how SaaS solutions have helped their firms by reducing IT costs, and enabling their lawyers to practice law more efficiently.

Ride a wave within NetDocuments

At the end of August, at Ilta '09, the NetDocuments management team announced the development of a Google Wave integration. The release of the integration will coincide with the Google development plan. This announcement has sparked the interest of many people excited about the potential of Google Wave. One of these people is the Google Wave blogger. When Google announced Google Wave, he immediatley saw the potential it offered and started his blog. One of his first posts was titled, "5 Things Wrong with Google Wave." Number four on that list was lack of integration with MS Office. However, he saw a solution to that problem when he heard about what NetDocuments was doing.

Innovations in Document Management

Recently, Leonard Johnson was featured as a guest writer for John Mancini's "8 things" blog series with a post titled, "The 8 Things that Changed the History of Document Management." The blog describes eight disruptive innovations that had large impacts on the way people manage documents. The eight items are as follows: 1. The File Cabinet 2. The Server 3. The PC 4. Electronic Document Management Systems

A look at the history of SaaS

In the late 90's when NetDocuments was founded, we were one of the worlds first SaaS companies and have since witnessed first hand the evolution of the SaaS market. Recently, released a white paper titled, "A Brief History of SaaS," and I found it very accurate and informative. The white paper begins by discussing where traditional boxed software comes up short and how this created the need for SaaS:

Cloud Computing: The wave of the future?

Recently, Google announced the future release of Google Chrome OS and this has caused quite a stir on Twitter and in the technology blog scene. Everyone is talking about how cloud computing and SaaS applications are the waves of the future and how they will change the computer industry. Although I beleive this to be true, I still find one glaring weakness in this argument; Cloud computing and SaaS are not only the waves of the future, but are the waves of the here and now.

NetDocuments at ALA event in New Orleans

Guest writer: Keith Schneider, Sr. Account Manager at NetDocuments "Back from New Orleans after attending the annual Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) national meeting. Although the attendance was off by 35% from last year's we still received good attention at the NetDocuments booth. Because of the economic times the annual meeting was less of a "boondoggle", for those administrators who attended, and more of an educational trip than years past.

Top 10 Excuses For Not Considering Document Management This Year

Using reverse psychology, AIIM produces 10 video clips identifying "excuses" why organizations delay any decisions for moving to a document management.

"Anywhere IT Environment"

I recently read an article on how CIOs of SMBs can cut 50-80 percent of their communication costs, e.g. messaging, phone services, etc., by by moving to an Anywhere IT environment. The article can be found at Using Yankee Group as a model SMB, CTO Jeffrey Breen and Vice President Steve Hilton uncovered more than $150,000 of annual savings opportunities. The new series of reports, "CIO's Guide to Cost Cutting" advise that SMBs:

Document Management for Law Firms

I have posted an article on March 24th, 2009 that was included in Technolawyer, an email newsletter for law firms. This article highlights the key document management applications and some key features when shopping for a DMS. I thought it was well written, objective and worth posting to our blog readers: Have you ever made a mistake or forgotten about something? If so, it's likely that your firm's manual system for storing and retrieving documents has caused you headaches thanks to misplaced documents, missing documents, misnamed documents, and many other mis-takes so to speak. You may benefit from a document management system (aka enterprise content management system), but where do you start? Earlier this year, legal technology consultant John Heckman penned a 25 page treatise on document management systems (DMS) for law firms. We asked him to distill the key points into two TechnoFeature articles. In Part 1 last week, John discussed the problems that a DMS addresses. Today in Part 2, you'll learn how to shop for and implement a DMS. This article contains 1,722 words.