ndMail Email Management System

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ndMail is a suite of email management and productivity tools that integrate directly with Outlook and Gmail. It uses predictive filing—powered by artificial intelligence—to make inboxes more organized, collaborative, and efficient for legal professionals.

File Emails Instantly

Quickly and accurately file any email into your NetDocuments system with a single click.

With one-click email management, you will save time and boost productivity with every email you send and receive. ndMail predicts how to file emails based on individual and organization-wide behavior. When you get an email that has previous replies or forwards, you will be prompted with a suggested location to file the new email based on past behavior.

Later, quickly find what you need using our powerful search function. ndMail leverages the advanced search features embedded in NetDocuments to quickly locate communications and documents based on numerous filters.

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Automate Your Workflow and Build Complete Work Files

Predictively file emails based on specific characteristics, automatically file emails the moment they’re sent, easily map Outlook folders, quickly view filed emails from associates, and more.

ndMail makes smart filing suggestions based on who is included on the email, the subject line, and attached documents. And, emails are filed directly into the project or matter you're working on so you can deliver a complete work file at a moment's notice.

Plus, NetDocuments email management system makes it easy to avoid duplicate filings because each time an email is filed, a Global Filing Indicator appears in Outlook to alert all users when an email has already been placed in NetDocuments.

Predictive Filing

Predictive filing leverages artificial intelligence (AI) based on organization-wide filing behaviors, the sender, receiver, email content, and more. This solution gets smarter as more people use it and can help shorten onboarding time for new attorneys.

  • Provides suggested filing location based on numerous factors including who's sent or received the email, document type, and content within the email
  • Features an accuracy ranking of filing location
  • Can be utilized on any system or device, including PCs and Macs
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Folder Mapping

Integrated Outlook folders provide legal professionals with greater flexibility to work in the ways they prefer most.

  • Set it and forget it: ndMail maps Outlook folders to specified locations in NetDocuments. Any emails filed to a mapped Outlook folder are automatically uploaded to the specified NetDocuments location
  • Easily drag-and-drop emails to a preferred location
  • Available on desktop versions of Outlook
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Go Mobile

Take advantage of ndMail’s cloud-based prediction and filing engine to quickly extend advanced predictive email filing to mobile devices.

ndMail’s email filing software is available anywhere Microsoft Outlook or Gmail is accessible; so whether you're in the office, courtroom, or traveling you can keep the momentum going.

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Work Securely from Anywhere

Improve productivity by confidently searching, managing, and viewing NetDocuments content securely from Outlook no matter where you are.

Emails filed in NetDocuments are under the same protections as other content stored in the service, such as multi-layered encryption, dual-custody, geo-aware storage, and more.

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Take Control Over Your Inbox with These Time-Saving Features

NetDocuments is focused on providing solutions that give legal professionals their time back. That’s why ndMail brings a new way to search through the inbox without requiring you to file replies or forwards.

Advanced Search

ndMail leverages the advanced search features embedded in NetDocuments to quickly locate communications and documents based on numerous filters.

Conversation Filing

Rather than filing individual emails, users may enable Conversation Filing and have each associated reply or forward filed into the same location as the original communication.

Global Filing Indicator

The Global Filing Indicator appears across the organization as a tick-box on any email already organized into NetDocuments, eliminating instances of double- or triple-filing.

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