Document Management Designed for Your Law Firm

NetDocuments is the leading cloud document management system (DMS) that provides a reliable and secure way to store, find, share, automate, and collaborate on documents — from anywhere, using any device — so you can stay focused on clients and outcomes.

Maximize Productivity

Automate monotonous administrative tasks and make document organization the easiest part of your team’s day.

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Stay Secure & Compliant

Manage document accessibility and prevent risky behavior with simple, straightforward tools.

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Collaborate Seamlessly

Remove tedious, administrative tasks so your team can focus on strategic initiatives like building stronger business relationships.

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Streamline Digitization

Fulfill your client’s desire to engage digitally with your lawyers while keeping their information under lock-and-key with secure extranets.

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Get the Most From Your Software

Gain insight into how your platform is being utilized and harness it to maximize efficiency across the entire organization.

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Do More of Your Best Work

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Lower Risk, Lower Blood Pressure

  • Never sacrifice compliance for productivity.
  • Tackle your most complex security requirements with Data Loss Prevention, easy-to-implement ethical walls and more.
  • Work with confidence knowing your data is secure.

Collaboration that Motivates

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Want Painless Closings? Go Paperless

  • Save time and resource organizing and packaging content with document bundles.
  • Share content with clients, outside counsel, or other groups using sharable digital workspaces that keep your information within the security of the NetDocuments platform.

Achieve Better Outcomes with Better Data

  • Avoid burnout with tech that makes work (and work-life balance) easier.
  • Leverage data to help your team work more efficiently, freeing up their time to focus on higher-value work and excellent client service delivery.
  • Gain clear visibility into subject-matter expertise and how your team works with document analytics.
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Learn More About Document Management

Get a Personalized Demo

Book a meeting with a NetDocuments team member to find out how we can help your organization secure, organize, and collaborate on your documents and discussions while addressing the unique needs of your business.

What to Expect:

  • Request a demo online.
  • A representative will reach out to you to ask some preliminary questions and schedule a virtual demonstration.
  • We'll provide a personalized presentation and demo based on what's most important to your firm and answer any questions you have.

If NetDocuments could be a good fit, we'll prepare a formal proposal for you.