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When Millions of Documents Become One Source of Truth - That's Work Inspired.

Why do law firms need matter-centric document management software? Because Not all document management systems (DMS) are created equal. A DMS helps you achieve the best possible outcomes for your clients - the consummate goal of law firms. Delivering excellent client service, building the firm’s reputation, and upholding the highest standards of security and compliance are also key targets—of course, increasing revenue and profits doesn’t hurt either. The last thing you need are technological hurdles that get in the way of your success. But with the right technology in hand, your firm will be ready to truly work inspired.

Maximize Productivity

Automate monotonous administrative tasks and make document organization the easiest part of your team’s day.

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Stay Secure & Compliant

Manage document accessibility and prevent risky behavior with simple, straightforward tools.

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Collaborate Seamlessly

Remove tedious, administrative tasks so your team can focus on strategic initiatives like building stronger business relationships.

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Streamline Digitization

Fulfill your client’s desire to engage digitally with your lawyers while keeping their information under lock-and-key with secure extranets.

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Get the Most From Your Software

Gain insight into how your platform is being utilized and harness it to maximize efficiency across the entire organization.

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Do More of Your Best Work

You want your team to be as effective and efficient as possible. But if the technology platforms you rely on complicated workflows and demand excessive time (and effort) to manage, you need better tools in your arsenal.

With document and email management, you can reduce your team’s workload by eliminating tedious administrative tasks and streamlining work like research and eDiscovery, giving them more opportunity to focus, innovate, and deliver better outcomes.

Your team is your greatest asset. Get tech that’s smart enough to stay out of their way.

Supercharge Productivity with ORGANIZE
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Lower Risk, Lower Blood Pressure

You should never have to choose between compliance and your team’s productivity—or security and your sanity. But jumping hurdles to protect confidential information while trying to support business initiatives can make it feel like tug-of-war.

That’s a battle where no one wins.

That is, unless you’ve got document and email management with award-winning security, Data Loss Prevention, and easy-to-implement ethical walls. With confidence in your data’s security, you’re free to turn your focus to your firm’s most impactful work.

Stay Secure and Compliant with PROTECT

Collaboration that Motivates

Your documents are constantly being passed back and forth. Whether lawyers are collaborating with clients or colleagues, it can be a challenge for them to share and review documents and information securely and effectively.

With a platform that’s designed for the complex nature of legal work—including tools like customized workflows, real-time messaging—your teams can work fluidly together on a single platform. Not only will you reduce risk, you’ll be able to deliver better service for your clients.

Collaborate Seamlessly with PLAN
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Want Painless Closings? Go Paperless

Manually compiling and labelling physical documents isn’t just tedious, it takes up valuable time and resources. But it’s not just the final closing binder that could use an upgrade.

Organizing, packaging, and sharing content with clients, outside counsel, or other groups can be done using sharable digital workspaces and document bundles—without ever leaving the security of the NetDocuments platform.

Streamline Digitization with DELIVER

Achieve Better Outcomes with Better Data

Self-reliance, perfectionism, diligence, and competitiveness are qualities that make lawyers excellent—but they also contribute to burnout and other stress-related problems.

Tech should do more than bring physical documents into the digital realm. It should make work (and work-life balance) easier.

By giving you clear visibility into how your team works with document analytics, you can leverage data to help your team work more efficiently, freeing up their time and focus to do truly great work and deliver excellent client services without the burnout.

Increase Efficiency with LEARN
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“From integrating with our time and billing system, practice management system and providing redundant disaster recovery functions as well as filling the role of access anywhere, anytime on any device – we expect NetDocuments to be one of the cornerstones of the firm’s technology strategies both now and for the foreseeable future.”

- Wallace Saunders, IT Director, Swift Currie

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