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Cloud-Based, IT Document Management with Award-Winning Security

Technology, far more than an office, is the true modern workplace. As such, the role of IT in managing a firm’s technology initiatives and investments is an enormous responsibility. Supporting the needs of various departments with limited resources requires smart decisions. But with a trusted technology partner, you can reduce the strain on your department, keep vital systems connected, maintain security and compliance, and help your firm or organization deliver their best work, even when remote.

Empower Remote Work

Say goodbye to VPNs and hello to painless anywhere access.

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Defend Your Data

Manage document accessibility and prevent actions on files without breaking a sweat.

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Stay Connected

Integrate your tools into a single platform and achieve the unified tech stack you’ve been working towards.

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Streamline Governance

Make the right choice the easy choice with built-in security and compliance.

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Get Insights

Increase adoption, maximize efficiency, and shape business outcomes with access to key insights.

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Trust Your Technology

Be the hero and give your teams a platform they can rely on any time, day or night.

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Anywhere Access, No VPN Required

When your team needs to work remotely, it can be a major hassle. VPNs are notoriously frustrating and place significant strain on IT resources when users working outside the office run into problems (which they often do).

Our document management platform is a true cloud service that can be reached from any device, anywhere without compromising security. Working from home (or anywhere else) is painless—for the user and IT.

Empower Remote Work with ORGANIZE
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Tech that Stays Out of Your Way

Your organization depends on you to keep things running smoothly. But with platforms that demand your time and attention for support, system maintenance, and manual upgrades, it’s hard enough to meet expectations, much less focus on high-value work.

With award-winning security, Data Loss Prevention, audit reporting, geo-aware content storage, and Workspace Security Manager, you can protect your organization from risk while providing the tools they need to do their best work.

Defend Your Data with PROTECT

Integrate & Collaborate

Managing the technology initiatives across departments can be challenging, particularly when those platforms don’t communicate with each other. Software incompatibility can also make it difficult for teams to communicate and collaborate with one another, reducing their productivity.

With a platform that’s designed to support the unique needs of legal work across a variety of organizations, your team can take advantage of tools like project boards, code-free automation, instant-messaging, and document collaboration. And because it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365, your team and your tech can work seamlessly together.

Stay Connected with PLAN
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Ensuring Confidential Stays Confidential

Protecting your organization’s files is a hassle—especially when team members are sharing and reviewing documents with clients, customers, outside counsel, and other internal and external groups.

By providing a secure, collaborative workspace for your team to organize, compile, and distribute documents inside and outside your organization, you can empower productivity without compromising on security.

Streamline Governance with DELIVER

Better Data, Better Decisions

Your organization relies on the unique insight and perspective you provide when it comes to technology decisions. But how can you be sure that your team is getting the most out of their tools?

With document analytics, you can gain valuable insights about how your organization is engaging with the platform, so you can make informed decisions to help increase adoption, maximize efficiencies, and shape business outcomes.

Unlock Insights with LEARN
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Rely on the Industry-Leading Cloud Provider

Lawyers live and breathe documents, so where they live matters. More than file storage, a document management system is embedded in your legal team’s day-to-day work and is a central tool in their efforts to prevent risk. That’s why choosing a technology partner you can trust is crucial.

Our true cloud document and email management platform provides robust, advanced security to each of our worldwide users. Our customers know they can rely on us, which is why 98% of them continue to stick around.

Trust Your Technology with One Cloud

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