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3 Must-Ask Questions to Find the Best Document Management System

The NetDocuments Team
Jun 24, 2019

How to Choose the Right Document Management System

Your firm handles endless documentation, whether from clients, internal communications, or cross-firm discussions. As an IT Manager, however, you realize that immense threat that these documents can pose to your firm’s reputation if they are not properly secured.

Choosing a document management system that’s right for your firm’s needs is no small task. Asking yourself the next three questions can help you narrow down your options and simplify your decision.

Is this document management system flexible enough for my workforce?

Today’s workforce is facing a unique challenge: at one end of the spectrum you have attorneys who began their careers before the widespread use of basic computers; and, at the other end, are employees who have never known what it’s like to not have Google at their fingertips.

This means that your first step is to determine the skill levels of your workforce and get buy-in from your most experienced and inexperienced lawyers. If your workforce is fairly balanced, you’ll likely end up looking for a solution with an intuitive user experience and powerful security benefits.

For one of our customers, Ploum, this system flexibility was non-negotiable as they searched for a document management solution. The system they adopted had to be adaptable for a variety of work styles while maintaining a high-quality user experience.

Read more about Ploum’s experience with NetDocuments.

How easy will it be to make security improvements?

In a world where security and privacy are top-of-mind and hackers are coming up with new tricks every day, it’s important to choose a document management solution that will provide you with regular security updates.  

Keep in mind that there are distinct differences when upgrading security features for installed software compared to cloud-based software.

Software installed on your network will typically require you to shut down the system for a period of time in order to deploy a security upgrade throughout your network. For IT teams this means spending late nights in the office to perform these upgrades so you don’t disrupt the regular work day.

Cloud-based software, on the other hand, updates automatically in the background so your organization hardly knows it’s even happening and you can rest easy knowing that their documents are safe and sound.

Will this solution be able to grow with my firm?  

Business moves at lightning speeds, and even though your firm may only be a few strong today, a year or two from now they could grow by leaps and bounds.

Not every document management system is able to handle this type of growth, leading to bottlenecks, broken processes, and more room for human error. This is why IT Manager, Ewa Kysmann of Ploum prefers cloud-based solutions to traditional software: “Cloud and software as a service just makes sense to me. I don’t worry about server administration, maintenance and energy consumption. The capital investment is nominal but we can scale as business need dictates,” says Kysmann.

Why Cloud-based Document Management Matters  

Cloud-based services are the wave of the future for many law firms, especially for those wanting to keep up with the remote-work demands of an emerging workforce. After implementing NetDocuments into his firm, Kysmann said, “Our people really can work everywhere, doing everything in the cloud. Several of our partners travel the world for their work and consider themselves successful digital nomads now.”

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