Establishing a Culture of Productivity, Teamwork & Flexibility

Barrila was originally interested in a cloud-based solution as a means to be able to work remotely from anywhere, whether at home or on vacation, and he quickly realized that these benefits extended throughout the entire firm. Now, Barrila Law boasts a formal work-from-home policy, allowing and encouraging staff to work from home at least once a week. This flexibility gives additional convenience to staff, allowing them to have time to drop kids off at school or adjust their commute time to avoid peak traffic. The firm also employs young mothers who can use the cloud-based platform for a seamless remote experience.

Get this case study to learn how Barrila was able to:

  • Ensure all employees could work safely and securely from home during a global pandemic
  • Use NetDocuments profiling system to create metadata reports easily
  • Have better team collaboration using NetDocuments organization features

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NetDocuments Barrila Law's case study discussing their migration to the NetDocuments #1 Cloud Platform.
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