Forsters: Modernizing for Success Now—and in the Future

Not every on-premises system is a train wreck… but when they are, oh boy.

Leading London law firm Forsters had been putting up with antiquated on-prem DMS that was slow, unintuitive, impossible to integrate with, and utterly “hopeless.”

So when they finally made the move to modern, cloud-based document management NetDocuments, it was nothing short of a revelation.

In this case study, you’ll see:

  • Why cloud-first design makes all the difference
  • How Forsters handled a fully-remote implementation
  • Key benefits for the entire firm, including greater efficiency and reduced burdens on IT
  • PLUS how Forsters leverages NetDocuments to strengthen their brand

View the case study to learn more about how Forsters implemented NetDocuments working 100% remote, reduced burdens on IT, and more.  

download case studyDownload Case StudyDownload case studyDownload case studyDownload Case Study
Thumbnail graphic for Forsters.
NetDocuments Forsters' case study discussing their migration to the NetDocuments #1 Cloud Platform.
Watch the 4 Minute Video Case Study
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