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How Magrath Sheldrick is Future-Proofing Their Business with First-Class Partnerships

For most law firms, digital transformation is a gradual process —unless your all-in-one practice management suite goes belly up.

That’s what happened to Magrath Sheldrick. Although the firm had already begun searching for a more modern document management solution, they also had a new priority: Future-proofing the business.

The search for a best-in-breed system — and a partner they could trust — brought Magrath’s IT director, Nick Doughty to NetDocuments. With support from Peregrine Cloud, Doughty was able to roll out NetDocuments remotely with a remarkable change management strategy — and get instant ROI.

Check out the Magrath Sheldrick case study to see:

  • Why trust is the #1 quality Magrath looks for in a solution provider
  • The genius strategy behind the firm’s one-on-one approach to implementation and training
  • How one feature gives Doughty greater peace of mind while delivering instant ROI for the firm
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