How One of the Nation’s Largest Universities Uses ndThread to Unite Dispersed Teams

For one of the United States’ largest public universities, streamlining communication was the key to uniting 200 lawyers and legal professionals across separate campuses and administrative offices. But leadership understood if they were to implement a real-time messaging system it had to meet their rigorous governance and security standards. The University discovered exactly what they needed in ndThread from NetDocuments. Since implementation the University has leveraged ndThread to increase the speed of problem solving and knowledge sharing while reinforcing team culture.

Get this case study to learn how one of the largest public universities uses ndThread to:

  • Unite their teams no matter their geographic location
  • Build their team culture, even in the midst of a pandemic
  • Make knowledge easily accessible and increase legal service quality
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NetDocuments Large Public University case study discussing their migration to the NetDocuments #1 Cloud Platform.
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