How the Council of Europe United 6,000+ Users in 23 Countries On a Single Platform

The Council of Europe (CoE) consistently produces highly sensitive documents with detailed reports, recommendations, studies, and judgements—all of which were becoming unruly and nearly inaccessible to staff between nine repositories, various field offices, and local services. The CoE’s leadership knew that in order to maintain control of their files, a modern document management system (DMS) was the only answer.

After a thorough and extensive proof of concept, CoE chose NetDocuments as their partner for the future. After a phased implementation with Tikit, a part of Advanced, the CoE was able to successfully migrate 35 million+ documents into their new cloud DMS—even during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Download the CoE’s case study today to discover how:

  • NetDocuments eased the stress of document versions and gave control back to the CoE
  • A unified platform across offices makes it easy to develop common working methods and best practices
  • The CoE successfully restructured its data, switched data centres, and implemented NetDocuments at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic
download case studyDownload Case StudyDownload case studyDownload case studyDownload Case Study
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NetDocuments Council of Europe's case study discussing their migration to the NetDocuments #1 Cloud Platform.
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