To maintain security and governance, your messaging, collaboration, and document management systems all need to be connected. ChatLink provides that connection — by integrating the NetDocuments platform with Microsoft Teams.

Maximize Efficiency Without Sacrificing Security

Maintain governance by using ChatLink to keep critical documents inside your secure NetDocuments repository.

Enjoy the same functionality that you are accustomed to within NetDocuments like checking documents in or out, saving, renaming, and previewing documents, and more.

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Organize Content Effortlessly

Keep project and matter-related content and discussions organized and in context without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

By providing access to NetDocuments directly within Teams via ChatLink, users can keep project or matter related content and discussions in context while building a single source of truth for information related to the project or matter.

Enhance Collaboration within Tools You Already Know

Seamlessly add the legal-specific features you need to the core collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Teams with ChatLink.

ChatLink provides access to additional tools like CollabSpaces and SetBuilder directly from Microsoft Teams, making it easier to enable collaboration without splintering governance and security.

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Collaborate in One Centralized Location

ChatLink lets you leverage ndThread within Teams to send and receive secure messages and store conversations within the context of specific matters and workspaces.

Plus, you get the same functionality of ndThread that supports seamless collaboration like previewing documents, commenting on files, and filing conversations to the appropriate NetDocuments workspace.

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"Luckily for us, NetDocuments has been working as expected. And we were given the proper resources to outfit our entire firm with new equipment that allowed us to turn the firm into a WFH dream, all the while answering the questions on HIPAA, PII, and other security considerations.Even if our building was to burnt down today, we wouldn’t miss a beat, which is great from a data protection requirements and business continuity point of view."

- Andrew Meinheit, IT Manager, Wagstaff & Cartmell

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