SetBuilder Document Bundles

Technology add-on for the DELIVER solution

Say ‘goodbye’ to spending hours in a closing room physically labeling and compiling printed documents. With SetBuilder you can standardize your processes, streamline workflows, and increase the speed of service delivery to your document compiling and distribution efforts right away.

Reduce Hard Costs and Save Time

Dramatically reduce the hard costs associated with closings. Organizations that use SetBuilder save an average of nearly $1,500 per transaction.

Gathering, compiling, and printing document sets is extremely time-consuming. SetBuilder provides teams a way to plan out a document set, add files as they’re completed, and then quickly compile sets into digital PDFs for client delivery.

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Organize Documents to Ensure Complete Sets

Gather and organize document sets into a single, polished, hyperlinked .pdf file that can be easily distributed to people inside and outside your organization.

You may also clone document sets for use across similar projects to standardize processes and work products, freeing up your team to focus on delivering great services rather than planning matters and projects.

Manage Project Workflows

SetBuilder stays out of your way and increases production with powerful features to help you order documents, create placeholders for documents that don’t yet exist, drag and drop entire folder structures from local storage into a set, clone and modify previous document sets to avoid starting from scratch, and more.

And because SetBuilder’s placeholders make it easy for teams to identify what has been done and what is still missing, your team will never forget an important document ever again.

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Protect Document Sets

Maintain all of your NetDocuments content, access, and security controls in the document sets you create.

Because SetBuilder lives within NetDocuments, you can rest assured that the same military-grade encryption protecting each of your files also protects the various documents compiled into each of your document sets.

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"Thanks to our adoption of NetDocuments as we modernized our operations, the transition to remote work has been seamless for the attorneys and staff of Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch, P.C. Their document management platform makes it easy to locate documents quickly, collaborate with colleagues, and securely share work with clients no matter where our teams are or what is happening in the world. Overall, the NetDocuments platform has enabled our teams to continue work just as we would in the office —helping us protect our clients from any disruption in the delivery of our services."

- Nina Ren, Associate Attorney, Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch P.C.

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