30-min Webinar Recording: Improving Information Governance with Predictive Email Management

The NetDocuments Team
Jan 19, 2016

As client pressure around security, compliance, and audits continues to rise, information governance and its many facets are taking center stage in today's leading law firms. Effectively managing content continues to plague a sound information governance strategy, and email remains one of the most difficult areas to ensure knowledge transfer, correct classification, and compliance. The way email is handled firm-wide in terms of storage, tagging, filing, and collaboration, will either work to support the information governance strategy or become a hindrance to it. Being able to understand the differences will put the firm in a stronger compliance position when the customer audits start coming in.

In this educational webinar, you'll hear from NetDocuments' Sr. Product Manager, Bradlee Duncan, as he demonstrates the leading predictive email management software. He'll cover:

  • The role email plays as it relates to sound information governance
  • How predictive email filing technology is changing the way firms capture and manage email
  • The risks and liability of not incorporating email management technology into a records management, knowledge management, and information governance strategy

During the presentation, there were several questions asked. We've compiled them into a document and posted here for you to review.

If you're interested in learning more about NetDocuments document or email management solutions, simply call or email: info@netdocuments.com or 1-866-638-3627

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