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Add-on Technology Options

NetKnowledge (powered by BA Insight)

Save time and boost productivity by enhancing your enterprise search and making it that much easier for users to find the information they need across different documents locations.

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Increase visibility into how users are interacting with documents and information to further enhance the value of the NetDocuments service across your organization. Through valuable insights, you can use this information to guide you in making more informed decisions on how to increase adoption, maximize efficiencies, and shape business outcomes for your firm.

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Discover the advantages of a comprehensive content platform.

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Protect valuable content with advanced security

That's Work Inspired.

Add additional controls and protections beyond NetDocuments’ award-winning security capabilities —reducing the risks of unintentional or malicious data breaches and leaks.

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Accomplish more in less time

That's Work Inspired.

Coordinate teams and tasks, facilitate real-time team communication, streamline task management through checklists and workflows, and make it easier to share and collaborate on documents.

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Create a safe, managed space for productivity and collaboration

That's Work Inspired.

Set up and maintain sharable workspaces, compile and organize content, and collaborate on document sets with people inside and outside your organization.

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Turn all your content into a single source of truth

That's Work Inspired.

Gain a deeper understanding of your documents and how people use them, so you can transform your content into an even more powerful, productive, and intelligent engine for productivity and success.

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Transform your documents into inspired work

That's Work Inspired.

Reach new levels of productivity and collaboration with industry-leading document management, email management, and optical character recognition (OCR) solutions built specifically for legal professionals.

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"Intuitive by nature. We made our final decision to replace our current document management system at 5:00pm New Year’s Eve 2019, and with that decision, we also determined we would have full migration, implementation and training by April 1, 2020.

We have an outstanding third-party vendor for our IT services and the implementation was pretty flawless, considering that smack in the middle of the migration and implementation, we (IT and the firm) went into remote access mode. We (our IT partner and I) made a 4 hour training video: "NetDocuments the Movie," and released it and job aids to the employee team and received to two thumbs up.

Were we forced to pivot and turn a little? Yes. Was it difficult not to have hands on training? Yes. Are people happy with the tool? Absolutely! So, to come full circle, if NetDocuments were not as intuitive and user friendly as it is, implementation and user adoption could have been an epic fail. 

Thanks to Ele-ment and to NetDocuments!"

Janet L. Bender, Firm Administrator, Maser Law

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