FileTrail Completes NetDocuments Integration for Physical Records Management

Posted on:
Nov 16, 2015

NetDocuments Marketplace continues to attract vendors, integrators, and service providers who are writing integrations and building valuable add-on services to NetDocuments' core document and email management platform. Today FileTrail announced a partnership and completed integration of their physical records management product with NetDocuments. Read the announcement.

Key Features Include:

Full Visibility

  • Integrated management of physical records and electronic documents within the NetDocs Matter Workspace.
  • Unified view of physical records and electronic documents in one place.
  • One-click access to view physical records for the Matter.
  • Easy tools to request retrieval, manage multiple volumes, and much more.

Multiple Offices

  • Provision access to firm-wide, regional, office, or file room level access to physical records.
  • Actionable dashboard provides metrics at the provisioned level.
  • Reporting aggregates data to the provisioned level.
  • Automated alerts to files checked-in at the wrong office.
  • Inter-office transfers are easily tracked.

Commitment to Migration Path

  • FileTrail has demonstrated a high level commitment to customers since our first product release in 2002, providing continual improvement and a clear migration path.
  • Quarterly releases provide enhancements and new features derived from input and ideas from customers.
  • New releases are included with annual support at no extra cost.
  • Our 1-2-3 Upgrade process is as simple as Download, Unzip, and Log In.

Information Governance

  • Records Information is proactively managed from creation through destruction.
  • Access to information is controlled by internal security or integration with an ethical walls system.
  • All requests, movements, and edits are logged in an audit trail.
  • Implement security controls and determine who can access and modify records information.

Records Retention

  • Create and Enforce Retention Policies
  • Automatic classification and calculation of destruction dates.
  • Interactive disposition review and approval streamlines the process.
  • The review dashboard monitors progress for records management.